Her name, Louise. ‘Have you ever just found a place where you feel you can be whoever you want to be? ‘ I have. I’ve found the perfect place to be when I’m in search of something that I never even knew I wanted. Now I keep finding myself back to where it all began. Every night I’m expected to be there, and it’s not even because I want to. It’s because I’m ADDICTED to this special place of mine. Contains: Sexual References, Uses Of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, Romance, Violent Scenes, Inappropriate for young ages: Scenes.


4. - MIKE -

- 3 -


Mike? Ugh, this is the one who’s going to make my night interesting? Yes, you know something; I never thought I’d end up with this one. There’s so many other guys all trying their luck outside. Then there’s Mike who’s got me feeling nothing for the others. That drink didn’t just taste weird, it really got hold of my brain. Whatever he spiked it with has really started to ride inside my head. The walls blurred as he continued to thrust me up the wall, my back could not feel the impact after the second time he did it.

Continuous, yet constant. His eyes widened as they focused right between mine. I held on tighter no longer caring whether he drops me or not. The tighter the hold, the more likely he’s going to drop me. My smirk facing his perfect eyes, I could not look away from him, not even for a second. The music continued to deafen the voices around me. Mike could not let go, he didn’t even loosen his grip once. Looking right at me, he continued to kiss my neck.

Before I knew it, he was walking with me in his grasp. Rocking side to side as he looked quite drunk himself. Just as we breached the first step, he fell to the side as I pushed against the wall to help him stand upright. We both looked at each other letting out a slight grin, even a giggle or two. It had taken many attempts of me pushing us upright. We reached the top of the stairs as I turned my head to face the many rooms for us to go into. All of the doors looked closed, some of them even had rather a bra or some undies just sitting on the door handles of each door. Mike didn’t even think to knock as we went through some of the rooms uninvited.

One room actually looked empty but turns out the two lovebirds couldn’t even wait for each other to step into bed. On the floor, Mike and I witnessed them rubbing against each other like rubber on rubber. Another cheeky grin, and he’s off walking towards the next room. No decency to close the door for them, we left the door open for anyone to watch. It’s not like they were going to care either way, the way it looked; he has his tongue deeper than she’d ever want it to go. Almost dropping me, Mike pushed me against the locked door.

My arms were starting to ache a little, but I still kept my grasp around his neck. As I tapped his shoulder, Mike must have understood what I wanted as he put more effort into holding me in his arms. With his muscle coming through, I could feel my whole body feeling lighter than air itself. He started to thrust again, but I couldn’t resist from kissing him more. Just as he started to let out a very quiet groan, I covered his mouth laughing in his face.

“Shush, I don’t want anyone to know what we’re doing up here.” What’s wrong with me? Nobody else seems to care whether they’re known to be up here.

Mike drooled in my hand. “Gross. What’s wrong with you?” I pulled away from him.

“Nothing, you weren’t going to let me talk either way. Let’s be honest with each other here.”

Another smirk appeared on my face. He was right, I didn’t want him to talk. I just wanted something that I had a feeling he could give me. “Shut up!” I said with a giggle.

“Okay, okay, just promise not to bite me?” There it was right there. I didn’t need a reason to argue with him, it was clear he was into the whole being bitten thing. Just by the smirk on his face, I could tell he wanted it.

Mike pushed me into a door that he must have thought was also locked. Turns out to be unlocked, but there was no real sign to prove someone was in the room. Not like the many doors with other people’s clothes just hanging on door handles. This room was spacious, and Mike liked the look of it. Just as he pushed me into the room, I dropped out of his arms like a slippery banana peel. He looked down at me not long before almost falling onto me.

“MIKE!” I screamed, he just continued to make use of what was in the room. Me.

“What? Ha, what is it?” He started to tickle me a little, kissing my neck as he slid his arms down my waist.

Just as I felt his hands go further down; “nothing…” a little giggle with an abrupt pause drooled out my mouth.

“Don’t pretend that I’m some other dude.” Mike laughed.

“I’m not going to. I know it’s you, Mike.”

“Good.” Mike groaned.

It may have looked slutty, maybe even like we were both in a hurry to get this thing going. But I didn’t care what anyone was going to think of me for making out with Mike. He just had this irresistible character to him, I’ve never thrown myself towards someone like this. But the thought of that drink didn’t leave my mind, it continued to remain buried in the back of my brain.

I lifted my head off the ground as I could feel the warmth from the carpet. Mike started to feel a little sweaty, and that’s when it happened. The sweat was making it hard to focus on his face, as all I could feel were little droplets from his forehead. By the time he had wiped the sweat off his face, I had pushed myself further into the carpet with my nails digging deep into the roots.

“Make sure you have another drink before having a shower.” Mike whispered.

“Why?” I’m not sure why I asked.

“Um, it will be a better night that way.”

“Um, okay?” I sighed at first, but it became a drawled-out groan.

Just a few minutes of me being underneath him and I was feeling the urge to push him over. Mike held me down with more grip against the ground, I could not move a muscle by the time he had tightened that grip around me. Mike continued to look right at me, as he smirked pulling my hands to his chest. I smirked back with my fingers running across his chest down towards his buckled belt.

“I didn’t bring any protection, Louise. Um, is it okay if we just do it this once?” Rude, just when I was getting into things too.

“Um, it would be okay. I mean I don’t expect you to have any on you.” Did I really just say that?

Mike looked more than happy with my answer as he picked me up again. An empty bed that looked already used stood between me and the window. He lowered me down onto the bed as my hands held his unbuckled belt around his skinny black jeans. His hair shadowed over me a little, my face going red the moment he put me down. Standing right in front of me with me now crawling on the edge of the bed. I started to unravel the belt through the slots, and left him with his jeans still held up by my pinkie finger.

“Oh, you’re not going to let me take these off?” He scratched the back of his head with slight laughter.

“No. I don’t want to rush things.” I bit my bottom lip staring right at him.

“Oh, I see now. Ha, I’m such an idiot.” Mike being honest but wasn’t speaking much truth.

“Actually, you’re smarter than you think, Mike.” My smirk would not go away, the ongoing tease that I could not hold away from him.

The door still wide open with me looking right between his legs. I could see a few shadows near the entry. As Mike tried to turn away from me, I held his chin in one hand as I released my pinkie finger from the top of his jeans. Just like that, they fell right down to his knees level. His continuous smile was starting to bore me a little as I caught glimpse of what he had been hiding from me since he encountered me.

“Yeah… um, I was going to tell you. But, yeah, I didn’t think you’d want me to tell you.” Cute, but stupid for kind of killing the moment.

“Mike, Mike, it’s okay… I kind of felt it anyway, it’s not like I couldn’t.” I laughed, “it was poking right into me the moment you held me against you.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that. It’s just you’re so beautiful, and I really like you, like, really like you. And— “

With him trying to explain himself I placed my index finger over his lips. ‘SHH’ I whispered. Just as he went quiet for real, my body could not give in to his temptations. But my mind was so at ease with his whole personality. The cuteness was there, and the possible good time was also kind of almost there. He may have passed the test on seducing me, but I couldn’t help but feel that this was all wrong. In the back of my head, something was telling me to leave him be.

“Louise. I’ve got to be honest with you.” I didn’t want him talking while this whole thing was about happen. “It’s just, I-I don’t think you should see me as the cool dude.”

“Huh?” My eyes looked away from him, I could not look at him while he was talking to me about something other than sex.

“I’m trying, I really am trying here.” Mike looked down between his legs, but I couldn’t see anything on what he was referring to.

“Spit it out will ya?” I started to feel a little impatient with him.

“It’s not going to work for you, I just don’t think you’ve given this enough thought.” He seemed so certain that something was wrong with us.

“Mike? I can handle the ‘you know’ not standing up right away.” I couldn’t even say the word. Was I really going soft like his little problem?

“Look, maybe we can do this some other time.” Oh, sure, tell me that when you’ve just spent the past hour getting me in the mood for this.

“It’s not you, it’s me, and um, maybe some of it is you. I, I don’t know.” He seemed so agitated over something, but nothing looked wrong apart from his thing no longer poking out.

“Fine.” I looked away from him feeling awkward. Not even a smile could make me feel in the mood for this, again.

“Just tell me you’re going to go downstairs and enjoy the party, yeah?” I couldn’t believe how okay he was with this.

Mike pulled up his jeans as I watched him no longer undress himself. I caught glimpse of almost his full body, but he just couldn’t go along with what could happen. Feeling a little sick, I pushed right past him leaving him in the room to do his own thing. As I stepped out of the room my feet felt the carpet fluff shove between my toes. It may have tickled a little, but it wouldn’t make me smile. I left with many thoughts of what could have happened with Mike.

Mike? Why leave me when I was mad in love with you? I didn’t care whether it would just be tonight or a few nights together. I expected more from him. 


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