Her name, Louise. ‘Have you ever just found a place where you feel you can be whoever you want to be? ‘ I have. I’ve found the perfect place to be when I’m in search of something that I never even knew I wanted. Now I keep finding myself back to where it all began. Every night I’m expected to be there, and it’s not even because I want to. It’s because I’m ADDICTED to this special place of mine. Contains: Sexual References, Uses Of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, Romance, Violent Scenes, Inappropriate for young ages: Scenes.



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WARNING: Contains Sexual References, Drinking, Drugs.

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Louise, it’s not like you didn’t already know that. I’m just that dumb blonde with blue eyes, the kind of person who never would’ve survived in Hitler’s eyes. I may take in an awful lot of information, and I’ve been told that sometimes I take in too much. They’re not wrong there, my mind does end up slurping up the knowledge from many lessons. They try to teach you, new things. Although, I must have switched off as I don’t see anything as new information. It feels like they are repeating the same lessons with slight differences thrown in. And they like to think that I’m not smart. Fuck them.

Ah, New York, the one place where someone like me can relax. There’s no joke about it being such a busy place. There’s always something going on; parties, dancing, screaming as they dive into a swimming pool. Girls laughing in those muscular arms of the party goers. Ha, there’s never a moment of silence for me. Everyone else can think themselves lucky for not being involved in the never-ending atmospheres of New York nights. Not sure if it’s just me, but I’m always seeing something happening.

Usually I’ve got my head against a window with the outside rain showering my view. My blue eyes reflect off the droplets of water that trickle down the sides of the frames. My thick fluffy coat keeps me warm, the warmth is like something that I must have when I’m travelling around the city itself. It’s rather a taxi to the best places to visit, or I can get a train. I’m not one for trains after what happened at a young age. I almost lost my own personality due to an accident that occurred on one of my many train trips. I found myself cornered, my body being violated just on the outside of one of the stations.

Yes, I was fortunate to break free from those three men with their belts unbuckled. Disgusting, that’s the word I found myself using an awful lot after those events. It was described as rape, but I kept quiet about it for several weeks. My parents weren’t born yesterday like I had thought back then. In fact, they were quick to point out that I was hiding something from them. Whether they were ever going to find out was a mystery at first. I never knew at the time that they would’ve figured it out before I could even tell them.

No longer will I be taking trains to locations I wish to visit. My parents made me promise them that I wouldn’t go alone travelling to distant places. Although, I may have managed to keep that promise. It’s becoming more difficult to hold onto that promise, and I’m no longer wanting to feel the need for someone who’ll be with me while I’m travelling. They’ll never forgive me, and I don’t think I’ll ever hear the end of it. Parents, they just make you feel like you’re always stuck with options you can’t agree with.

Besides, why would I want to stay with my parents’ wishes? They ask for too much sometimes. Like, I can respect the whole: don’t go out on your own at night. Don’t go anywhere too far from home. You’re not old enough to be out with friends going places. You’re not old enough to do this, you’re not old enough to do that. No, on second thought… I can’t respect all of their wishes. Some of them just go a little too far, I feel trapped in a different world with different rules.

Now I’m travelling again, alone in a taxi. I may or may not have taken anything from my mother’s purse. Oh, I’m not someone to follow all the rules. Tell me, if you were to be given an opportunity like this on a night like no other; a wild party that’s going to have endless hours throughout the night. FUN, LOUD MUSIC, SWIMMING, ROMANCE, DANCING, PARTYING, GOING WILD. Would you really follow your parents’ wishes? I’m sorry, but I can’t always follow what they want me to do. Tonight, is different, it’s a night like no other. I’m going whether they want me to or not.

9:45 PM. It’s the perfect time to start early. From what I know already there’s going to be many people that I know there. Many friends that missed me as I was away on holiday. That’s a lie, I was out with some other friends. Sometimes, I ask myself why I’m putting myself through many crazy nights. Why I can’t stop myself from going to a midnight party. There’s many, and it’s all because of the people I know. Everyone who I have connections with can’t help but invite me. It’s the blue eyes, the dumb blonde isn’t as dumb as she may look.

Not only did I end up taking a wad of my own mother’s personal cash. There was a whole range of makeup in there, I ended up taking some of that too. The blood red lipstick known as: BLOODMOON. Smearing that across my lips couldn’t have been more satisfying. My tongue stuck out a little as I could taste the so-called flavour of it, and the whole texture that it had on the outside. Lipstick wasn’t the only thing in my mother’s stash: an elegant perfume, something that must have costed a whole lot of dollars. Her scrunches, dark red with a mixture of tinted white glitter. My hair tied back as I didn’t want it waving in my face. It would always be a better night if I could see what was right in front of me rather than my own hair blocking my sight.

Her purse is big enough to hold many small boxes and containers inside. There is just so much space in her purse. I also helped myself to her lip gloss, but I haven’t used any of it since the moment I got in this taxi. The only thing that could ruin this perfect night is if this rainfall continued throughout it. My friends did tell me that most of the party will be held indoors. So, I’m not too worried about it being cancelled due to too much rainfall.

Ah, what else did I find in that purse? Um, I may have taken some of her eyeliner, it’s a thick black one. Most of her makeup is quite expensive, and it makes sense to why she pays so much for it. The vibrant colors that I’ve seen on her face on some occasions. The beautiful texture, the scent that most of her deodorant gives off. This perfume is indescribable, I’m not even sure how to describe it. It’s like a little girl had first put on some deodorant and then rolled in some beautiful scented flowers. Weird, I’m not sure why I described it like that.

Brushing back my fringe a little, I managed to get it just right. The only thing that I really wish I had gotten before getting in this taxi was my hair dyed. I just wish I had added that light brown mixed in with the blonde, it’s more of the style you would see near most of the night clubs. Most of the women around my neighbourhood enjoy wearing mascara, showing off their wavy hair. Some of them lucky enough to have curls, and then there’s me with the wavy hair. My own mother tells me every day that I’m looking more like a music star.

Hattie, my first friend from school has got the whole dark look going on. She’s dyed her hair more to suit a brunette, and she’s got a whole lot of dark purple in makeup accessories. Most of the guys call her the ‘midnight mix’ and that’s just one of the nicknames she’s been given on a night out. She also works out, which explains the whole ‘mix’ thing. She mixes with the guys, kind of wants a perfect body. I may not be perfect in fitness, but I’ve got quite the hourglass body going on.

Then there’s Janette, just another one of my many friends who enjoys spending time shopping at the mall. She’s got the whole red hair thing going on, and isn’t afraid to paint her body with an artistic look. Most of the guys like how she’s not afraid to reveal some of her body to the public. She’s got quite a history of trying new things, but I feel like she’s a little too risky. She’s taking way too many risks every single day she’s out with us. One thing I love about her is how she’s not afraid to tell someone how it is.

Not forgetting, Holly. She’s got the whole cute baby face going on. Most of my friends are sending me comparison photos on Facebook. Just comparisons to baby-faced celebrities. Selena Gomez kind of comes to mind when it comes to her whole perfect skin-look. I don’t know how to explain it, but my friends sure know how to get her out there. She’s gone through more guys than I have gone through toothpaste. No, seriously, that’s a whole lot of toothpaste.

Sophia, her name makes me jealous. I’ve had a fling with her before, found myself spending more than enough sleepovers with her. She’s very forgiving, and she’s always showing off something. In most of the selfies I’ve taken with her, I’m just seeing more reasons to want to get back with her. She was confused, I was kind of confused too. It just happened on a night out together, and none of my friends cared that I was kissing her behind their backs.

Katie, another friend that is not much of a friend anymore. She may not work out like some of the others, but she’s recently started working out. Before, she kind of just let herself go. It’s not the reason she was cut from the group. I liked having her around, she was fun to talk to. Not to mention her personality, that is something to die for! She’s got this beautiful gifted voice too, and her eyes may be bigger than mine. But that just makes her even more likeable. Sophia told me that Katie would be coming to tonight’s party also.

10:05 PM. Not sure if it’s just the socks I’ve chosen to wear to this party, but my soles feel kind of sweaty. It’s been quite a walk to reach this taxi, as he wasn’t too polite on parking outside my house. Apparently, my house wasn’t reachable. Due to some kind of road works? Not sure, but he didn’t tell me much on the reasons for why he couldn’t just pick me up outside my house.

Ah, the taxi hasn’t even taken the third turn. It’s going to take a while to reach the actual party. Not sure whether the driver appreciates my efforts to look nice for tonight. He’s not said much in terms of where I’d like to be dropped off. He was so talkative when he opened the door for me, I got to thank him for that kind service. Most taxi drivers just tell me to get in. Don’t call me weird, but I’ve seen some strange taxi videos. Especially ones that involve midnight sex. Yeah, I’m sorry, but it happens often. Some of it may just be recorded, but there’s still guys doing drive-bys.

The haziness that had just started to appear in thick waves of mist. Maybe it’s a good thing that the party is going to be more inside-based. Not a single phone call from any of my friends, and here’s me just staying with the whole basic taxi journey. So many beautiful lights; flickering street lights, banners with lit up words. Red, blue, yellow, so many colors all mixing together into dimness. Brighter as the taxi turns onto the next lane. Several things just making tonight look stunning. Most of the public wearing vibrant colors, some with darker shades. Ah, why do I find so much beauty on journeys like these?

The seatbelt crossing through my wavy long hair, some overlaying the blackness. The beautiful yellow reflection in the many puddles, and the droplets of rain that just reflected the beauty from outside. Traffic lights staring right at me; in front, behind, and even to the side of me. Red, yellow-orange, green. These three colors look amazing in the night. You don’t really notice the beauty in the day, it’s always too bright to see the colors that reflect off mirrors. Water just makes the world look pretty.

Reaching into my left pocket I pulled out my mother’s perfume. Spraying it on my hand to get the scent, it was a whole lot stronger than I first thought. The beautiful glass with the crested edges. I’d even dare say it looked like a diamond, but maybe that was due to all the reflections at the time of pulling it out from my pocket. My skin felt several tingles from the small amount of liquid that spilled out the opening. Just a few more corners and I’m going to be having the best night of my life.

I looked down at my feet as all I could think of was whether I could maybe spray some of this beautiful perfume on my sneakers. To the left of me, I had packed some high heels for tonight. They weren’t cheap either, and it almost cost me an arm and a leg to get it. Most of the ones I had interests in were sold out, and after asking the lady at the desk; she bit her lip a little, then told me that they won’t be in stock until next week. I made it so clear to her that I needed those ones tonight. She just smiled at me thinking it was funny that I craved those boots. I didn’t want to go for the cheap ones, that was the forfeit that Sophia had told me about back at the park.


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