Life Sucks

its a surprise it all really is a surprise.


3. Locked up

I have been in California for three months now and I can not stand it. Are you ever told you can't have something and even though before it wasn't a big deal when you are told you can't have it you want it so bad?, that's how I feel about going outside now he told me I'm not aloud outside he has me stuck in the basement and he never has anyone at his house he always leaves but today is different. He left and I hear someone in the house and they yell HEY TREVOR(I made him up obviously) I AM HERE and I run up the stairs and I pound on the door and I say hello. I hear him walk by and I run back down and I grab the hand held mirror that I slide under the door and the lipstick he makes me wear and I run back up and I write HELP on the mirror and I slide it under the door and my voice is raspy from screaming from being locked in here to being his sex slave and I knock on the door and I wave the mirror and he walks back over.

Harry POV: I walk over and I say hello?, and I hear a quiet hello and I try to open the door and I say are you locked in there and they say yes. I say okay hang on a second and I go in the kitchen and find a pan and I go back over to the door and I hit the door knob and the door opens. She just stands there and I say come here and she looks at me and I say come on and she shakes her head and I say what and she whispers he has cameras and and he will find me and I say no he wo-and I hear the door open and she looks at me and I whisper just go back downstairs

Grace POV: Trevor comes up behind him and takes his phone and he turns around and says hey Trevor what's going on and I start running downstairs and I don't look back when I hear something and I hide in the basement under the bed. I hear something coming downstairs and I cover my mouth Trevor is dragging him downstairs and he handcuffs his hands behind his back to the bed on the floor and he looks under the bed and grabs my hair and I say I'm sorry I'm sorry just let him go please. He says nice try and he handcuffs my ankles to the chain around the bed and he says if you try anything your little rescuer will pay okay and he goes upstairs.

An hour goes by and he starts waking up and I ripped my shirt and he looks at me and I am wiping the blood off his head and he says what are you doing. I say the only thing I can and he says Grace I and I say its okay Harry and I start tearing up and I say you tried.

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