Life Sucks

its a surprise it all really is a surprise.


4. Back up

Okay lets back up to a year earlier, I am at my dads office I am seventeen and I am waiting for him to get done with work to go to physical therapy. See two months earlier I was in an accident and the worst that happened was my leg and now its in a gigantic boot and as always my father is running late which is how the accident happened. So I am sitting in the waiting area and someone runs by and drops all of their papers and he says great first I am late for the meeting and he starts picking everything up and I get up. I start helping him and I say um what meeting and he says the dumbest fucking meeting ever he thinks he can help everyone this guy has like three counts of rape and evidence and witnesses against him the only reason he is willing to help him is because he is willing to pay th-and he looks at me and he says and you are his daughter and I say is that obvious and he nods. I say I'm sorry and he says and I am late on taking you to and I say what and he says I will be back and he runs with the papers and I sit back down.

He comes running out putting his coat on and I say wait my dad isn't taking me and he says no and he told me that Veronica couldn't take you because and I say she doesn't give a fuck and he says no because she had to go out of town for a week and I say right and we leave. He says he said he won't be home until midnight and that you have an audition tomorrow and he said to get din-and I say I know what I am supposed to do I am used to it and we get in the car and he says sorry and I say its fine just lets go.

Three hours later* we walk into the house and he says so is it true and I say what and he says that Veronica is super young and I say well I'm seventeen and my stepmother is twenty three and my father is forty five so yes and he nods and I say how old are you and he says younger then your stepmother and I laugh and he smiles. He says I just turned twenty one a month ago and I say what's your name and he says Harry and I say and you are what for my dad and he says his little bitch and I say really that's so weird I have met a lot of his bitches and I would have remembered a male bitch. He says what and I get plates down and I say my um dad runs brothels and I am pretty sure he is involved in the selling of women but I have no evidence of that yet and he looks at me I shrug and I say what am I supposed to do no one will believe me and he says I do and I say yeah right. He says I do and he takes the food out and I say why and he says because you just wouldn't have a reason to lie to me knowing I can't do anything because your father is my boss he will make it look like this is about my salary or something and I nod.

We sit down and start eating and he says so what is your audition for and I say a record producer or something I don't know and he says you don't know and I shake my head and he says well good luck hopefully they remember the leg in case you mess up and I laugh and I say yeah. We start talking for like two hours.

its ten o'clock by the time we start cleaning up and he says hey and I say yeah and he says you don't like talk to your dad a lot do you and I shake my head. He says what about your stepmom and I shake my head and I say I mean I talk to like three people at school but they only talk to me because of my dad and he nods and says so you don't have many friends and I shake my head and he gets closer and says what about a and I shake my head and he kisses me.

I pull back and I say upstairs and he nods and we go upstairs and he lifts me up and sets me down on my bed and I clear my throat and I say I have nev- um and he says I know. He starts unbuttoning his pants and I sit up and I take my boot off and he gets on my bed and he lays me down and he puts his hand up my shirt and kisses me. He says are for su-and I kiss him and I whisper yes and he hovers over me and he takes my shirt off and he kisses me and I slide his shirt off and he reaches down and takes my leggings off and he reaches in his pocket and he takes his pants off. He slowly slides my underwear off and he smirks and says its like you knew you were going to be having sex and I take his underwear off and he starts kissing me again and he slides the condom on and I whisper its like you knew you were going to have sex and he smiles. He slowly slides in and I take a breath and he kisses me and he puts his face in my shoulder and I take a breath and he is going slow and I dig my nails into his back. He hits the spot and I basically scream and he looks at me and I bite my lip and he kisses me and I moan and he says fuck and I can't say anything and he says I won't and I nod and I am really close and he starts going slower and I am shaking. I hear the door downstairs and I kiss him and it doesn't matter what I do I can't control how loud I am and we both release and I start moaning really loud and he kisses me. He pulls out and I take a breath and I clear my throat and he whispers are you alright and I whisper no and he looks at me and I start tearing up and he slips his underwear on and grabs mine and I put it on. He lays with me and he says what's the matter and he holds me and I say its stupid really and he shakes his head.

I say just by the the way you act is this how a person who cares acts and he says what and I say no one has ever cared about me when we got in the car accident the first thing my dad did was call a car to take him to work. He looks at me and says what about yo-and I say my mom tried to abort me when she was four months pregnant and my dad stopped her thinking I would be his son. He says well I will be the one person that cares about you and I look at him and he says I promise and he kisses my forehead and we fall asleep.

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