Carry On My Wayward Son 2

Jess, Sam, and Dean investigate a murder, where a woman was ripped, and missed more than half of her blood.


13. Waking

When I opened my eyes, Castiel, Dean, and Sam stared back at me. 

   "Yes!" Sam exclaimed. 

   "Where am I?" I asked. The room was unfamiliar. 

    "Bobby get the cure!" Dean was yelling. "She's awake!" Bobby stepped into the room. Their heartbeats hit my ears like needles. I cried out, and covered them. Sam grabbed my hands, and Dean grabbed my head. Bobby poured the liquid into my mouth. Sam and Dean let go, as I fell onto the floor. 

    "This wasn't what happened with me," Dean said after a few minutes of me laying there unmoving. That's when I felt something crawl around my body, into my veins. That's when I felt puke coming. Sam grabbed a bucket and handed it to me. Black liquid splashed from my mouth and into the bucket. 

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