Carry On My Wayward Son 2

Jess, Sam, and Dean investigate a murder, where a woman was ripped, and missed more than half of her blood.


4. Outside

When I opened my eyes again, Sam and Dean were asleep. Something had woken me up. I grabbed a flashlight, and Dean's gun off his dresser. 

    "Hello?" I said as I stepped outside. Someone screamed then. It sounded like another woman. I started running towards it. The gun was still in my hands. I saw her then. There was a man standing over her. 

    "You're pretty," Jake said coming out of the shadows. I raised Dean's gun and fired. Nothing happened. 

    "Jake," I said he grabbed me then. "Dean!" I screamed. Jake hugged me to his body. 

    "Sorry babe," he said. "The hunter's can't hear you." 

    "Get off me!" I yelled. I pushed hard on his chest, but he held me tighter. 

    "Sorry sweetie," Jake said. "This may hurt a bit." He let me go, and punched me hard. I felt myself spin, and loose my footing. I hit the ground, and I was out. 


When I opened my eyes, my vision was blurred, and my hands were tied. 

    "Vampire," I said aloud. 

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