Carry On My Wayward Son 2

Jess, Sam, and Dean investigate a murder, where a woman was ripped, and missed more than half of her blood.


7. Brightside

"Turn the light off," I said as I walked into the motel room. It was blinding. Sam ran over and turned the light off.

    "She's taking this better than I did," Dean whispered to Sam. Sam heartbeat, was faster than normal. Maybe he was worried? 

    "This happened to you?" I asked.

    "Yes, and there is a cure," Dean said. "You just can't sink your teeth into anyone." 

    "What do I have to do?" I asked. He told me that I had to find Jake, and that they couldn't go with me. They told me that I have to get close enough to kill Jake, and the rest of them. Then they'll come in and help me. So we went out and I got to the warehouse alone. 

    "Hello?" I said, and I fell the cool metal of the knife against my skin. It was under my shirt in a sheath. "Hello!" That's when I saw the woman. She looked me over.

    "You decided to come back?" she asked me, and I nodded. 

    "They were going to kill me," I lied. "So I ran." 

    "Good," the woman smiled. "We're leaving since those hunters are here." 

    "Where's Jake?" I asked. 

    "Here!" he said stepping into the room. I smiled, and he did too. 

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