(Short story)
Rhiannon Turner hasn't been to the Cornish village of Pur Lowen in years, not since her Grandfather died. In that time a lot has changed, and Rhiannon has found himself, and become Ryan.
When Ryan returns to Pur Lowen for the summer holidays he finds himself oddly drawn to Raven June, the beautiful girl next door, who's unsettling past keeps her, and her sister Mapelli, silent most of the time.
But Ryan knows a thing or two about overcoming challenges, and he's determined to reach Raven, despite her selective mutism.
What Ryan doesn't realise is that there's more to Raven and her sister than that which meets the eye...and Raven has a secret


24. Thank you all so much for reading!


Thank you all so much for reading 'Misfits'. I meant for it to be a short-story but it got a bit longer than I originally planned...whoops.

I hope that you all got the use of a microcosm & all the symbolism in this movellas because that was what it was all about, I wanted to experiment a bit and see what I could come up with. 

Until the next time, thank you all again for reading to the very last sentence...

- FabGirl3

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