Olympia is the perfect angel. Sitting in the clouds, watching over her brother whilst he roams the Earth. But one day, she makes a mistake. The worst mistake anyone could possibly make.
She has no choice.
She has to fall.
Fall from Heaven.


9. Chapter 9

She sighed and then began to speak again.

"He is going to send you down to Earth-"

I gasped.

"Olympia." Lillian said softly, but I could tell she was getting frustrated, "Please, don't interrupt for two minutes!"


"It's fine. Just... Oh, okay. He's going to send you back down to Earth, and you are going to meet a boy. His name is Ross. His mum died a few months ago. His dad is an alcoholic. He was never good in school, but since his mum died, he's been failing even more miserably. He lives in a poor home, in a bad street, with... Well... messy teens. He's lonely. Oh, and also, he's um... suicidal."

I could tell Lillian was a bit upset, as she had gone through suicidal thoughts too.

"He is under a lot of pressure. It's up to him to get good grades, to get into a good college, to get a good job, to get money. His dad says that if he doesn't do that, he'll kick him out. But, whenever he makes a bit of money, whether it's from mowing the neighbour's lawn or walking their dog... His dad insists he goes down to the bar and buys him some alcohol. It's sad."

I nod.

"Your job is to find him, and help him. It is a very difficult task, Olympia. He doesn't trust anyone and likes solitude. It'll be very hard to get him to notice you, even harder to get him to talk to you, maybe impossible to make him open up. Oh, and you have to pretend you're a schoolgirl, too, at his school. No angel stuff. He doesn't like religion, just because his mum was very religious and it pains him to remember her, even though he can't forget her."

I try my best to take it all in.

"Good luck, Olympia. Erm, I know this sounds weird... But if I am allowed to give you some advice, I'd follow him around for a while, find out what he likes, and pretend to have similar interests. Okay?"

"Okay. I'm ready." I said, even though I was not even close to ready.

"Let's go then." Lillian laughed.

I giggled nervously.

"By the way..." She added, her voice softer than a whisper, "I hope you succeed, Olympia, I really do. I love you."

She came over and gave me a hug, the tightest hug I have ever received. I hugged her back, crying once again. But silently. Her words made adrenaline soar through my veins, and I knew I could do it.

And then everything went black.


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