Olympia is the perfect angel. Sitting in the clouds, watching over her brother whilst he roams the Earth. But one day, she makes a mistake. The worst mistake anyone could possibly make.
She has no choice.
She has to fall.
Fall from Heaven.


7. Chapter 7

And just like that, my mind began to race. How could she help me? Was I doomed? Or was there a way this could be fixed?

Lillian stared at me, her bright blue eyes filled with tears, and rested a small, pale hand with permanent french-manicured nails on my own blotchy, bumpy, hand. I felt ashamed. My truest friend, who I had shared so many- all my experiences with, from sleepover tummy aches to my secret crushes... Look what had happened. Innocence gone.

"Well..." I began- but broke down in tears.

Lillian placed her other hand gently on my shoulder. I could feel it shaking. She looked around every two seconds. I felt guilty for dragging her down here.

"You know," She whispered, "I never thought... Not once did I think I would ever be down here. Ever."

"I'm sorry," I sobbed.

"I know," She bit her lip, "I am too, Olympia."

"I've never heard-"

Suddenly Lillian closed her eyes- so suddenly it made me jump. She yanked her hand away from me, and I thought that was it, she was going to leave me. I was alone. But she smiled.

And nodded.

Her small, delicate hands joined together.

Her eyes opened again, red and bloodshot, but full of excitement.

"Olympia." She whispered, "I've just received a message."




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