Olympia is the perfect angel. Sitting in the clouds, watching over her brother whilst he roams the Earth. But one day, she makes a mistake. The worst mistake anyone could possibly make.
She has no choice.
She has to fall.
Fall from Heaven.


6. Chapter 6

"Olympia?" Lillian repeated, "What- where are we? Why is..." She gasped, and covered her mouth with her hands, "No, Olympia, no, no. What are you doing, you muppet?"

"Please, Lillian. I need another chance." I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I began to explain, "I-I didn't know what I was doing- I- I just... And I was denied, and I don't know... I was- Heaven, I can't go there again. I..."

"Olympia. Start from the beginning."

I spun around in frustration, and heard Lillian gasp again.

"Olympia! Your wings!"

"I know, I know... I kept going, I shouldn't have, but I had no other choice-"

"What are you talking about?!"

"I never felt like I fit in up there- I thought this would be better, Paka came after me-"

"Who is Paka?!"

"She- she was my guardian. You know-"

"Yes, I know what a guardian is."

We stood in silence.

"Sorry." She said, "Go on. Ugh! I hate this place... I feel- is it-?"

"Yes." I began to cry. "Yes, Lillian, it is." I wanted to hug her, for her to comfort me, for everything to be okay.

But it never would be okay again, would it?

"Go on, you silly muppet." Lillian shuddered, looked around, then stuck her sight to the ground.

"So... Paka tried to stop me and I didn't listen because I wasn't thinking straight and was being exactly that- a muppet, and I went past the boulder, then I was stuck. I realized what I was doing and couldn't get out when I tried-"

"Slow down." Lillian said calmly, "No matter what you have done, I am your best friend. I won't leave you."

I started bawling again.

"I kept walking." I continued, rubbing my face, "Because there was nothing else to do, and then everything went black."

Lillian nodded.

"A voice- a voice we both know..."

"God's." Lillian whispered.

I was shocked at how well she was taking this.

"Yes. He told me I was denied from Heaven forever."

"Oh, Olympia," Lillian gasped, "What have you done?"

I fell to my knees, "Lillian. Help me. Please. I was denied from here too, and then... I was stuck in the dark. You were the only one I could think of. I need you..."

"I will help," Lillian, with one graceful move, bent down beside me, "What can I do?"

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