Olympia is the perfect angel. Sitting in the clouds, watching over her brother whilst he roams the Earth. But one day, she makes a mistake. The worst mistake anyone could possibly make.
She has no choice.
She has to fall.
Fall from Heaven.


3. Chapter 3

I was walking in the cavern for hours. I hadn't looked behind me, haven't looked back. My feet were starting to ache, and my wings were heavy.

I noticed that the feathers weren't drifting from my wings anymore. I arched my back and peered over my shoulder to look at them. The ones remaining were all gray.

"Ugh!" I ripped one apart from it's group. "OW!" My eyes filled with tears caused by shock.

I breathed heavily. I just wanted to go back, to go back home.

"God, I-"

Suddenly all my feathers wrenched themselves from my back at the exact same time. I screamed in pain, and tears streamed from my face.

I lifted my hands up to wipe my tears, but as I did, I noticed I watched as my hands turned white and swollen. I could see my veins pop out from behind my bones.

"Olympia, traitor." Came a raspy voice, "You have failed yourself, and your family name. You are denied from Heaven forever, and your prayers will no longer be answered."

Then, all I could do was cry. I fell to the ground, screaming, tears pouring from my eyes. "NO!" I screeched, shaking with the worst emotions and feelings possible.

Suddenly a different voice made me jump.

"You've been denied from your hoped eternity."

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