Olympia is the perfect angel. Sitting in the clouds, watching over her brother whilst he roams the Earth. But one day, she makes a mistake. The worst mistake anyone could possibly make.
She has no choice.
She has to fall.
Fall from Heaven.


11. Chapter 11

I took many wrong turns on my way back to the... shed I now stay in. Well, I suppose I live there now until I sort everything out again.

I opened the door and stepped inside. The remaining living mouse squeaked when it saw me. I crept over, opened the cheeses and placed them in front of it. It perked it's nose up in the air eagerly and scurried towards all the food. It hopped up on the block of parmesan and began to nibble at it violently.

I smiled, glad to help, and opened the bottle of water. I poured some water in the cap of the bottle and placed it on the ground beside the cheese. 

"Bon appetite!" I giggled.

Suddenly a bright light caught my eye. I spun around, cowering against the plank of wood I used for a bed last night. Then, surprised, I noticed the figure of a person in the light. An angel!

The light faded, and the spirit that stood in front of me didn't look familiar.

She stretched her hands and arms, and dropped them at her sides, then turned to face me.

She had dark brown eyes, like chocolate buttons, freckles dotted across her nose, curly, chocolate brown hair in a bob, and a sad smile.

"Olympia." She said, looking at me.

The way she stared at me made me want to cry. So sad, so sympathetic... So desperate.

"I'm Collette Flint," She continued, "I do not want to hurt you. Can I sit down?"

I nodded, and gestured to the plank for her to sit.

She crossed to me, and held out a hand. I took it, and she pulled me up gently. Then she sat me down, and did the same herself.

"I know what you have done, Olympia." She whispered, even though there was no one here, "I know why you're here on Earth again. And... I'm sorry, but... I'm quite glad."

I looked at her with annoyance and confusion. She knows what I've been through, and she's glad?!

"My son." She said, and looked at the ground.

I understood now.

"Ross?" I whispered, remembering Lillian say that Ross's mum had died a few months ago.

She turned to me and nodded, she looked at me straight in the eyes, like she was studying the colour of them. All the little green specks in the blue, and how the pupil ascends and descends.

"Please, help him," she said, with a break in her voice at the end. She was going to cry.

I was so desperate, and she was so desperate. She was putting so much pressure on me, pressure I already had. I didn't want her to cry. I couldn't take it.

"I will." I promised, taking her hands, "I will try my absaloute best, I promise."

"I need this, I need my son to be happy. I don't want him to take his own life. I'd never be able to see him again. He hates religon, he'd never come to Heaven. Olympia, help me."

"I just told you, I will help him." I said. Now was not a time to repeat things.

"He goes to Academi Highschool," she said, "And you will too. When you step outside, you take a left, walk through the whole estate, up to the top, then down Roach Lane, and there's a bustop at the end. You might see him there. And... you'll know it's him. It says his name on his schoolbag, Ross Flint. He has jet-black hair, blue eyes, freckles- like mine, across his nose... He'll have earphones in. He likes Twenty-One Pilots. And occasionaly, erm... some Greenday."

This information swarms over me like a wave.

Academi Highschool, my new school.

Roach Lane...



Ross Flint...




"I'll fix him for you." I said, and I meant it.


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