A Piece of Me


1. The Beginning

            The school year had just begun, but I could already tell that this would be the year I would never forget. I had no idea how, but I knew it was going to be an interesting ten months. Lets just start at the beginning, shall we?

          I woke up the the sound of my alarm going off at 5:00a.m. It was only the second day of school and oh how I already missed not having to wake up before the sun rose. I cant wait until the last day of school, then I don't have to deal with waking up early.

       I get ready for school as quickly as I can, I find an outfit to wear (Black Blouse with jean shorts and black covnverse), straighten my hair, put on my makeup (CC cream, Mascara, and LipGloss), eat breakfast (toast), and head out the door. Its already 7:45 and I have to sprint to catch the bus, and I make it barely. Missing the bus on the first full day of school would A) a great start to the school year B) make me late since I would have to walk five miles to get to school and C) make my parents kill me because I would've been late on my first full day. 

      As suprising as it may sound, I actually made it to school with time to spare thanks to my bus driver driving like a maniac.  

       When I got to school I saw the table where my 5 best friends were sitting at in the corner. Bella, Carmen, Lacey, Maddy, and Tessa were intensely talking about God Knows What. When they saw me walking towards them they all yelled "Jay!" I was so glad to see them, I spent the summer out of the country on a missions trip in India so I never really got to see them. I ran over to them only to get stopped by the principal, Mr. Thenle, who told me to go back and walk over to them. I rolled my eyes and walked over to them. When I was there I was loaded up on hugs, and asked a million questions about my summer, I had only gotten back in time to go school shopping at last minute and to spend one day asleep on the couch. I literally got back four or five days ago, so I didn't really have time to fill them in on my adventure. I didn't want to though. At least, not now. Luckily I didn't have to. The 8:00 bell rang about thirty seconds after I sat down, and I had to take my gym bag down to the locker rooms and my drum down to the band room. I took my gym bag down first, answering questions as I walked. "What's India like" "Did you really not get to eat cow for three months" "Did you bring me back anything" I answered them in three words or less. "Fine"  "Yes" and "Obviously". So many questions and I was still so tired. Hopefully I would be less tired tomorrow and open up to people, oh maybe I could just get a coffee now and be awake in about half an hour....

        Once I took my gym bag down, I went straight to the caferteria to get a coffee, then down to the band room to drop of my drum. Oh how I missed this room, band had always been my favorite part of the day. Well, every other day I guess. I had Band odd days and Choir even days.

     When I got down to the band room, I dropped my drum off in the slot where I'm assigned to put it, then went to put my music and my drum sticks in the slot that said my name. I had to look for it because my usual, second to the top slot that usually spelled "Jay Nelson" said "Colin Stammer". Who the heck was Colin Stammer? I know every percussionist and I've never heard of him. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I found my slot, the top one right above the mystery mans little cubby.

      I thought nothing of Colin the rest of the day up until 7th period band, who ever he was, id meet him today, so I went on with my life not knowing what a huge part of my life I had just unlocked.  


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