A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


2. the school day

It is a fall, and it is a fall, Monday the sun was out, it was perfect. The four, usually walked to school together. They wait by the old ice cream shop, “Ices Favorite” the ice cream they made there was awesome, They met up there like they always do and they decided to take a shortcut through the woods, and in front of this old mansion that looked like it was abandoned for years. They were walking passed it and saw something look out of the window. They did not know what it was or who it was, so they keep on walking. When they got to school, they had a substitute for their normal teacher. After all the students sat down he said,”Kids you should be very careful when you are out with friends because people have been going missing every day since last week.” Then Callie got a chill down her spine. Luke and Justin looked at each other shaking their heads. Naveh looked like she was about to faint, after that, they had to write a report about one of the many, many murders in their town. They were not very happy about that, but they still did it, just to get the credit. They never really thought about who they could all trust, they thought  that they could trust anyone. Callie was the one that everyone thought, that was killing everyone, because she was gothic. She was not the one who killed all those people, and it is not even the case she loves living things. She wants everyone to stop judging her.

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