A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


16. The next morning

Luke and Naveh wakes up from the long night they both had. Naveh ´s shirt was off and it was on the floor. Luke on the other hand was fully clothed. They both went downstairs to  find  Luke´s parents cooking pancakes and eggs. They must of got up way before they did because it was almost noon. Callie and Justin woke up to the  smell  of cake. They both fell asleep  on Justin´s bed. Justin wakes up first he sees his parents up in the front room watching The Springer show. Justin wakes up Nevah and he heads downstairs for breakfast,  pancakes and eggs.  He always loved eggs and pancakes for breakfast. Nevah picked up the newspaper laying on the table," Justin look at this! It is about what happen last night at the party."


A Girl Killed and no one to be seen

17 year old Clary Cromwell was killed last night in the basement of her own house. At a party for her friends. The cops are on the case they have no evidence about what happen that night or even why it happened. All they know is that four teenagers seen the scene they left soon after the cops arrived. We shall have more evidence about what happened soon.

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