A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


9. 9. The Curse

Naveh and Callie and her boyfriend was still trying to figure out what is up with their lives’ .  Callie was still seeing the little boy she see him everywhere upstairs in her room to the living room. Every time she tried to talk to the boy all he said  was,”Mommy!  Help me there´s a man in my room! “ Callie couldn’t figure out why he keep on saying that. Their wasn’t even a man in “his” room he always is in the corner he crys since he couldn’t get any help. Naveh on the other hand is seeing the little girl in the corner in her room crying she wouldn’t stop crying  to matter how hard Naveh tried to help her Naveh cried a few times because she thought that the little girl was alive still.  Callie and Naveh knew something was wronged before Luke and Luke gave them their gift on their party on October 31 their necklace and the ring started to glow they felt a surge of power, a surge of power that will forever change their life.


The four of them will forever be trying to find out the mystery that may never be solved. Callie and Naveh is clueless to what is happening to them. The ghost never left.



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