A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


8. 8.The Gift or is it just a curse

It was May 30 about a month after the party and the amulets were glowing. Everything was different not just that they were dating and they also were staying up for hours after midnight, they were also their teeth were hurting just their k 9’s. Naveh was always complaining that she heard crying all in the night, she would wake up and there was nothing in her room all she could see is a little girl crying in the corner of the room she couldn’t tell what she looked like. Callie was seeing the same thing only it was a little boy cry and he was walking back in forth in her room. Callie had Luke stay at her house to see if he hear him or see him walking, Luke replied,” No babe I didn’t see a little boy walking nor did I hear him crying. What are you so scared about?” Callie sat there scared out of her mind. She had nothing to say. Callie finally had him the guts to tell him after about an hour later how she sees a little boy that was crying and was walking in her room.


Naveh was witnessing the same thing only the little girl would come up to her and ask for help then she would go on her bed and cry. After about a week of Callie seeing the boy and Naveh seeing the girl they decided to talk to each other about the people they were seeing they went to Callie’s house to talk. Callie told Naveh that she had Luke stay with her at her house to see if anything was there or if she was just going crazy. Naveh didn’t know that Naveh was seen the same thing that she was. After about an hour of talking about the ghost they heard a loud scream. No one was home with Callie  or Naveh  then the two for them seen a dog Naveh had to dog nor cats all the most they have is a bird but she is up in Nevaeh´s room. All the kids were scared out of their pants.   

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