A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


7. 7.At the Party

When they arrived they walked up to the house there was a coffin leaning on a tree they keep on walking up to the house they didn’t see Luke standing by the tree so they screamed they all busted out laughing. Luke came out and started to laughing to he told them all to go inside, so they all did Naveh and Callie walked in and everyone  yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALLIE and NEVAH !!!” Callie and Naveh were so happy that everyone didn’t forget that their birthday was that day. Luke was talking till he seen Naveh and he adamantly stopped to stare at her. He seen how beautiful she looked in the dress and how she had her hair perfectly laying on her shoulders. He started to drool after he felt it fall on his hand. Luke drop his conversation that he was have to go talk to Callie. He said to Callie,” You look amazing. Where did you get that dress because you are look beautiful in it it totally fits your personalty.” Luke was startled when Naveh walked up to him and said,” Hey Luke did you plan this party or was it all Luke’s idea? You look great, you decided to finally dress up normally you never dress up.” Luke could only say,” Thanks you look beautiful not just you but Naveh does too.” Naveh and Callie replied,” Thanks.” Luke ask


Callie if she would go outside on the bouncing, so did Luke he asked Naveh to go out also. They both went outside with them Luke pulls a necklace for Naveh and Luke pulled out a ring for Callie. Callie could only reply,” It is beautiful.” When Naveh got the necklace she reply the same thing. Luke and Luke were so happy that they love the present. Callie gave Luke a hug. Naveh gave Luke a hug and a kiss on the check. After the girls said that they loved the gifts the boys ask them if they would go out with them. The girls said,” Yes!” After they all said their thanks Naveh and Callie hugged, Naveh A´s gem on her necklace started to glow, so did Callie’s. They didn’t know what was happening. Callie asked Naveh if she knew what was going on she didn’t know either. From that day on their life will never be the same again.









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