A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


6. 6.Going to Luke’s house

After they got ready they started to get ready, they heard a loud crash downstairs. Naveh screamed Callie just stopped getting the car keys, she slowly started to go downstairs she seen a face a face she knew she just couldn’t find out who she seen so she told Never to be quiet and to sit in her room till she could get her phone in her sisters room. The girl down stairs was rampaging through all of her stuff in the living room, then she started to shout up the stairs she said,” I know you are in here Callie Nicole. just come out before I go and get your mom.” Callie still couldn’t pinpoint who it was. Naveh sat there quiet and claim. Callie finally got the keys she had a fence outside her bedroom  window Callie told Never to go down first, then she would go. They both got down safely they ran to the car Naveh pointed out that their was keys in the door knob that weren’t there when they were getting ready. Naveh was in passenger Callie was driving. They started to drive off till something was shot, a gun. Callie started to drive a little faster. Naveh is white as a ghost because she is so scared. They were about a half of a mile from Colby´s house. Callie told Naveh to call the cops and tell them that her house was broken into, so Naveh did as she asked. Callie texted Luke and told him that she would be their in five minutes. When Naveh got off the phone she told Callie what they said.

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