A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


4. 4.The Week before the party

It was about a week before Naveh and Callie’s birthdays, almost everyone knew about it except Naveh and Callie themselves thought that everyone was going to forget that their party was coming up in a week. Then they seen that everyone was acting weird like, being nice to Callie.  Also, Naveh keep complaining that her teeth were hurting but so were Callie’s. Callie was also so getting closer to Naveh usually they couldn’t tell each other any secrets, but now they can, because they were getting closer as friends, than they ever were. Justin and Luke were getting closer as friends too, they were in two different parts of the social group, Callie and Naveh noticed that they all were getting closer.  Callie thinks that it was because of Naveh and Callie’s birthdays were coming up.  That is also what Naveh thought.  Also, Luke and Justin seen that Callie and Naveh was getting closer.  Luke was not going to bring up that, they were getting closer, so he just left it go.  Luke was getting the party foods ready, Luke was getting the inventions ready for the party also.  Naveh and Callie were searching for a nice freaky party dress that will blow the whole school’s socks off,  They went to this store called “Yourself” it had the best dresses in the town, and almost in the country, so they decided to go there after all they were looking for dresses.  They both were thinking about just getting the same dresses, but they couldn’t make up their minds, so, they asked Justin and Luke what they thought, but the boys didn’t really care because, they didn’t see the dresses or their accessories, that they picked out with the dresses. They tried to figure out what they wanted to do with the dresses. They decided to just wait till it was about a few days, until the party. Callie was thinking about asking Luke out on Naveh and Callie’s birthday. Naveh hasn’t even thought, if she should ask Luke out on her birthday.  Luke was thinking about asking Callie out too, but he didn’t have the courage to ask her though.  Callie and Naveh were still  trying to find out what they wanted to wear let alone how they want to put their hair up or if they were leaving it down. Luke told Callie and Naveh to come to his house on Saturday because he had something importing to tell her.



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