A Night In Moonlight Mansion

the title


3. 3.After School

Naveh is like her normal self, she was happy, jumping from place to place. Luke was on his phone texting one of his friends. He was talking about how he can’t think right and how he thought that it was  mess up that everyone was blaming Callie for the murders. Luke was also texting Justin and asking if he wants to plan a surprise party. They both agreed that they would both work together to plan it they were going to have it at Justin’s house on Halloween night. They were going to have it start at 7’o clock then have it end at 1 o´clock in the morning.  Justin and Luke both thought that it would be too late at night for them to go home.  So, they had it over at 12 o’clock instead. After they figure out what they were doing, they weren’t going to tell Naveh or Callie.   Callie was at her house singing to her favorite songs “ Never too Late” and “Tell Me Why”. Naveh was jumping from place to place because that is what she always does . They all were texting each other, because Callie had this weird feeling that someone was watching her and so did all the rest of her friends.They stop texting each other and met at Ices Favorite, like they always do it was about 4:00 p.m. before they got their, and it was almost dark in about another hour or so till it was dark. After they went home, they talked about how they felt funny about the murders, and that they were roaming around the town. Luke thought that it was just people dieing on their own.  Naveh really cared less about  what was going on. Callie was thinking that it was just the press trying to scare the people from the town, because they didn’t have the money to support everyone in the town. Between the four of them was freaked out from all that was going on in the town. Justin was screaming and yelling everywhere he went.



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