A Night In Moonlight Mansion

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1. The Four Friends There are four friends one was Callie. She was quite, gothic, and a rebel. She had problems that no one could ever think of she was abused, was kidnapped and she was cut by her dad when she was little. Then there is her best friend Naveh. Naveh was the preppy, always happy, has great grades, she is also cheerleader. Naveh has no problems that they no of right now. There is the jock Justin he loves to party, he has this huge crush on Naveh, he never has the courage to tell her. Justin lives in a mansion. Last there is Luke he is kinda of like Callie but only he has some similar problems in his own house, only some people know that he likes Callie. Luke was more of the guy you would expect to be in a mental hospital but he is not. Unlike Justin, Luke like to go and hang out with everybody he hangs out with a little group that is not the world´s nicest people, in the world but they are still his friends. Also, Luke his own idea of being nice, he is nice to everyone that he meets unless they give him a problem then you have something to worry about. Justin has certain people he hangs out with and it’s the jocks. Callie and Naveh was born on the same day, which is on the night of Halloween, they were going to be turning 16 they couldn’t wait till the special day because Callie’s mom told her that they will get a special day. Callie was more worry about what her mom was going to get her she thought it was going to be in a miniskirt or something girly. (She does not like girly stuff) Justin is not much for keeping secrets. Justin always like to talk, and always tells what they talk about to people they don’t want to tell.
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