The Boy in the Shadows


3. Home

Chapter 3


“Before we go inside, I have to warn you, Jack,” Emily said. They were standing in front of a large wooden house adorned with huge glass windows and a large garden with a fountain spurting noisily in the middle. “Calvin  hasn't entirely forgiven you yet…” She murmured, her voice trailing off, her expression grim.     

“Forgiven me for what?” He asked, not knowing if he wanted the answer or not.

“Just… be careful, alright?”

Jack nodded.

“Alright. Let's go on in then.” She walked down the cobblestone path to an elegant door and pushed it open. Jack was stunned. The house was absolutely beautiful. Everything was made of sanded and stained wood, with a large cobblestone fireplace and a huge window that revealed a bright blue swimming pool. Overhead hung an elegant silver chandelier and leather couches and chairs were positioned around the living room on a white shag carpet. But what Jack loved the most was the large aged tapestry on the back wall. He traced his fingers over the silver threads that bound 4 small portraits of little people together, and Jack’s awe instantly transformed to fear, and his stomach dropped to his feet.

“He is going to be home soon,” Emily said, glancing nervously at the door. “He was only looking for a deer or two.”

But Jack just stared, his heart hammering in his chest.


The door burst open, and a monstrous boy charged in. The boy was a mirror image of Jack, but he was taller, and even more incredibly muscular, with a tight leather jacket on and ripped denim jeans. His face was grinning as he looked at Emily and dropped a small leather satchel on the table. His grin faded when he saw the fear in Emily’s eyes. His face unreadable, he turned and stared directly at Jack. Their eyes met. Jack gave Calvin (for surely, this must be him) a weak smile.


And Calvin charged.


Calvin’s eyes were blazing with anger, every feature of his face etched with hatred, as he seized Jack’s throat and lifted him effortlessly into the air, slamming him against the tapestry. Deaf to Emily’s screams, he snarled in a deep, strong voice, “ WHY would you come back! You FOOL!”

Jack clutched weakly at his iron bonds, his lungs screaming for air. He wished with all his might that Calvin would just let him go. He would run far away if he could just get free.

“HOW COULD YOU!!!” Calvin howled, his rage echoing in the huge house. “HOW COULD YOU JACK!!!” Calvin’s eyes were streaming as he pointed to the tapestry, to the words beside Jack and Emily and Calvin’s names, and Jack forced himself to register the two small silver word that described his sister as Calvin dropped him on the ground.

“Sarah Orpheus.”

Calvin lunged again, his teeth bared and hands raised. Jack prepared himself for the blow, but all of a sudden, Emily was there. She snarled and pushed Calvin back with surprising strength.

“He doesn't know!!!” She shrieked desperately. “He used your memory powder, Cal!!!”

Calvin seized attacking at once. He slowly lowered his fists, but the hatred never left his face. “I let you live for now, because it is against the code to punish those who don't know what they have done. But once you remember… I will make you pay, bit by bit for what you have done to my little sister, Jack. And if you try to run, I will hunt you down and make you suffer for all of eternity.” At that he turned on his heel and left the room, slamming the door and causing the window to shatter.


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