Never forget me

When Louis leaves Skyler with his abusive father, will Skyler ever find a normal life at a new school in a new country? How will she react when she meets her brothers best friends, and will she ever trust anyone ever again.


7. 7

“Sky! You have to wake up. School starts in 30 minutes,” Mikey says shaking me awake.

My eyes start to adjust to the brightness and I see Mikey fully dressed munching on the apple. I look over to my clock and- Shit! It's 7 I have to leave in half an hour, how am I supposed to get ready in 30 minutes?! I rush and push Mikey out of the way groaning in pain. Ugh I forgot about yesterday and everything that happened. I hop into the shower and quickly wash my body. I jump out and get changed into a white crop top and my favourite black skinny jeans which have holes in the knees. They rise up just high enough to hide the scars. I quickly do my normal makeup and straighten my long platinum hair. I sprint downstairs and plant a kiss on my mothers forehead while grabbing an apple on the way out. Mikey and I hop into his car and drive off to our new school which happens to be 10 minutes away. We arrive in time and I reach the office with Mikey trailing behind. The gentle teachers hand us our schedules and we head to our first class.

“I have Chem, History, English, and Gym. How about you?” I ask Mikey.

“I have Physics, History, business, and Gym.” He says smiling. Thank god I have 2 classes with him.

“Oh Mike!” Someone screams. I look towards the direction if the voice and see Ash, Calum, and Luke walking towards us.

“Hey guys, what classes do you have?” Ash asks.

Since its in the middle of the school year, classes have already been given out. So unfortunately Mikey and I will be outcasts, ugh.

I hand Calum my schedule and he reads it.

“Hey! I think you and Luke have Chem and Gym together.” Cal says smiling. Shit.

Luke looks up into my eyes and gives me a small smile. I give him one back and face the ground.

“Wait, I think we all have History together,” Ashton says jumping up and down.

The bell ring breaking us out of our conversation and we head to homeroom.

“Hey, we have first class together, I can walk you there,” Luke says brushing his hand past mine.

My whole body shivers as I agree. I can't say no, right? We head over to Chem and Luke takes a seat near the back and holds a spot for me.

“Hi, I'm Skyler Johansson. I'm new here,” I say handing my schedule to my teacher.

“Oh hi there sweetie, I'm Mrs. Jackson. Welcome to Chemistry class! There is no seating plan so go ahead and take whichever seat you like.” My teacher says handing me back my paper.

I look around the class as everyone stares at me. I hate being the centre of attention, it stresses me out. I take my seat next to Luke as he moves closer to me.

“Okay class, we have a new student! Her name is Skyler Johansson and we will do our best to welcome her into our class!” Mrs. Jackson says pointing to me. Everyone's head whips back to where Luke and I sit and I can feel everyone's eyes staring at me. I bite my lip to hold in my nerves and Luke leans over whispering something into my ear.

“Don't worry, I'm right here,” he says placing a hand on my thigh. I felt shivers go down my spine and I stare at his hand. He notices my glance and quickly takes his hand off my thigh. I look at his eyes and he stares back. I stare at his beautiful plump lips and the lip ring coiled around them. I feel myself leaning in but snap back when Mrs. Jackson begins to talk about atoms. I whisper into his ear to recover.

“Thanks, I appreciate it.” I say smiling. He begins to blush and I giggle at how nervous he gets around me, it's kinda cute.

As soon as the bell rang, Luke and I sped out of Chem and headed over to History. I felt a couple of girls staring at us as Luke inched closer towards me. As a couple of girls whisper I grab Luke's arm. I feel his muscles jerk at my touch and he looks down.

“You okay?” He asks placing his hand on my back keeping me steady.

“Ya, let's just hurry.” I say staring at the ground avoiding any stares.

As we head into History, Mikey and I tell our teacher, Mr. Lang, about how we are new to the school and where we are from. He ended up giving us a lecture about how Australia and Texas are partners but I just tuned it all out. After our 5 minute lecture was finished I took a seat near the back next to Ashton and Mikey. We talked throughout the whole class. I couldn't say I was paying attention to the conversation though. I felt Luke’s stare on me the whole time because he sat behind me, I liked it though. It made me feel… Safe. Almost, comfortable.

Once the bell rang, Mikey and I walked over to where our locker was. I placed my books inside and we all headed over to the caf. And let me tell you, this place was loaded! There were kids left right and centre. Mikey and I lined up in the line to get food as Luke, Ashton, and Calum got us seats.

“So, how's your day so far?” Mikey asks nudging me a bit.

“Ehh it's been fine, I've been getting ugly stares from a couple of girls when I was walking with Luke today.” I say grabbing a plate of spaghetti.

“Oh, ya… Let's just say a lot of girls like him. And you being new here, it's like competition,” he tells me paying for our food. Wait what?! Why would I be competition?

I shrug off the thought and sit next to Ashton.

“Hey Ashy!” I say sitting down.

“Ashy? I sound like a 2 year old,” he says laughing. I smile and let out a little giggle.

“Fine, then I get to call you Sky,” he tells me stealing my chocolate milk and taking a huge gulp.

“I don't mind, basically everyone calls me that,” I say shrugging. Even Louis… Why am I thinking about him right now? He's a dick who left me and I shouldn't care about him anymore!

“Hey, you okay?” Ashton asks. I push the on going thoughts aside and nod.

“Yup! I just… Forgot to get a fork.” I tell him getting up. Ashton starts to get up but quickly gets pushed down.

“Don't worry about it bud, I need to get a fork too,” Luke says pushing Ash back down to his seat. Ash returns to eating his sandwich and Luke and I make our way to the middle of the caf.

“Wow, not even a whole day at this school and she's already gotten into Luke's pants! I think that's a new record.” Some girl tells her friend loud enough so I can hear.

“What a slut! How can HE go for HER, she is sooo ugly,” The other friend shouts. They burst out laughter and I begin to quicken my pace.

No no no no. Not again! I've been in this school for less than a day and it's already starting again. Why the hell-

I feel someone grab my arm and I slow down. I hold back my tears and face the person who has a tight hold of me.

“Don't worry about them. They are a bunch of bitches who like to torture anyone and anything who goes near someone they can't have,” he says staring into my eyes. I nod at him since I can't get any words out of me. We continue walking to where the forks are and-Ugh shit!

I fall onto the ground and Luke rushes to my side. Those assholes tripped me!

“Didn't you hear me hore?! No one wants you here! Stay away from Luke, you are a good for nothing bitch who can't even stand on her own two feet!” The two ‘bitches’ burst out laughing and I try to regain my balance but end up staying glued to the floor.

“Sara, becks, leave her alone. She's new here, she doesn't understand who we are yet,” I hear a very familiar voice shout out.

By now the whole cafeteria is watching this scene unfold. I have Luke by my side trying to keep me steady. 2 annoying bitches staring me down in front. And-

Holy shit.

It can't be.

I have to be dreaming.


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