Never forget me

When Louis leaves Skyler with his abusive father, will Skyler ever find a normal life at a new school in a new country? How will she react when she meets her brothers best friends, and will she ever trust anyone ever again.


2. 2

I walked straight back up to my room where I started to quickly pack all of my clothes. I was almost done when I came across Louis' sweater. Memories flowed in like a title wave. I tried to not let them get the best of me but unfortunately, I failed. Tears began to fall and I stuffed my face into his sweater. It still had his signature smell of sweetness and a little bit of cologne. The smell faded a bit, but the memories didn't. I remember the day he asked me out like it was yesterday.


“Louis! Let go of me!” I scream pounding his back.

“Not until you call me hot, princess,” he replies with a smirk glued on his face.

“Fine, you are hot… Princess.” I tell him and we both burst out in laughter.

He slowly lowers me off of his shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes still smirking.

“You're beautiful.” He blurts out immediately blushing.

“No I'm not, go get your eyes checked Tomlinson.” I say staring at the ground blushing.

“Don't say that Sky, I think you are gorgeous.” He says touching my chin so that I'm looking into his blue eyes. “And maybe I can witness your beauty some other time, maybe Saturday at 6 at Freddie's?” He asks looking shy.

“D-did you just ask me out?” I ask nervously. He nods slightly, he's adorable when he's shy.

“Of course, I would love to go on a date with you… Hottie.” I say before being attacked and thrown over his back.

“Woo hoo! I'm going on a date with Skyler Johansson! Yaaaaa,” he screams.

“Shut up Louis! Put me down.” I giggle.

He places me down on the ground and puts his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. I wrap my hands around his neck as he pulls me closer so that there is no space between us. We both lean in and-

*end of flashback*

“No no no! Stop thinking about that asshole Skyler. Stop. He's the one that left you and never texted you back. He's the one that ignored you and never cared.” I tell myself. I walk over to my desk and rip off a picture of my family and I. I remember cropping Louis and his family out the day he left. Just then, my mother barges in.

“I heard someone yelling, is everything okay?” She asks.

“Ya, just singing,” I lie giving her yet another fake smile.

“Hey didn't that picture have the Tomlinsons in it?” She questions while swiping the picture from my hands.

“Ya but since the asshole and his asshole father left, I didn't see them as family, so I cut them out.” Before I realized what I had just said, I take the picture back.

“Skyler Marie Johansson! How dare you say that, you knew Louis parents had a rocky relationship. Now finish packing your stuff, I will be in the car.” She says sternly. I hate it when she uses my whole name.

I should have apologized, but part of me didn't feel sorry for what I said. It was the truth. When Louis left he never texted, skyped, or called me. I left him so many voicemails. I thought he hated me, so I started cutting again. It was hard to stop after that. I am currently 12 days clean which I'm proud of.

I finish packing my makeup, song books, music records, and my trusty acoustic guitar. Well technically, it's not mine. It was my dads. Before he died he told me to have it. He tried to teach me so many times, but in the end I would get frustrated and storm off. After the cancer took over, I tried so hard to teach myself. I wasn't the best, but I knew how to play a song or two.

My mom hated music, especially the music I liked. Nirvana, Blink 182, all of those kinds of bands. She never knew why I loved music so much. Mikey, on the other hand, loved that kind of music. Him and I get that from out dad. Before I could finish my thoughts I heard a scream coming from downstairs.

“Skyler hurry your ass up!” Mikey yells.

I giggle to myself wiping away the tears that escaped and yell back down, “okay, coming jerk face!”

I sprint downstairs and throw my bags at him cradling the guitar in my hands.

“Here sir, oh and be careful, my diamonds are in there,” I say jokingly in a posh accent.

“Yes young lady, my absolute pleasure.” He answers back in a British accent while rolling his eyes.

I giggle and walk to the car with Mikey slowly trailing behind. We hop into the car and head to the airport. It's pretty busy for a Thursday afternoon. We board the plane and of course I get a seat in front of an annoying little boy but also beside Mikey. Mom and Todd are near the back.

The plane ride was a very long one consisting of asking the kid to stop kicking my seat about 7 times and sleeping. We arrived in Australia early in the morning. We drove straight to our new house and I melt into the floor. Mikey did the same and we slept in the living room on our blankets.Unfortunately, our house was currently unfurnished, which sucked. We slept in until around 12 ish. I woke up to my mom moving stuff around.

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