Reunion Part 1 - Entrapment

While stumbling upon a shady source, rumour had it that Jedi Master Kixi Rajki's younger sister Imogen had survived an attack on her family and home world many years ago. Desperate to find the location of her younger sibling, Kixi, along with her long time lover and partner Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, make the impetuous decision to journey to the perilous Sith controlled world of Coruscant. Totally oblivious that awaiting them is a trap, the duo encounter a young Sith warrior who will stop at nothing to eliminate them. Soon after, in an unforeseen turn of events, the duo fleeing for their lives encounter another Sith Warrior from a long past thought to have been erased from the memories of time, adding further complications to the already confounded situation in which Kixi unwittingly is a pawn in a game that is far bigger than both Kixi, Mako and their Sith antagonists can even ever begin to imagine.


4. Chapter 1


Chapter 1


Doing her best in refraining from using any Jedi mind tricks or powers, Kixi quietly observed the busy bustling air traffic of Sith controlled Coruscant. She pulled out a thick hooded cloak from her bag and pulled it on. She hailed down the first airtaxi she saw and instructed the driver to take her to Terminal 24 which connected to the Coruscant Underworld Portal.

The Portal scaled all the from the glimmering spires on the planet's artificial surface, Level 5127, all the way down to the inhospitable lower levels on a sliding scale of bad to worse, the closer you got to the planets natural surface.

As the airtaxi rose up into the air, Kixi couldn't help but look out over the dark expanse of Level 1313, the dark facsimile of Coruscant's upper level, filled with all manner of crooks and criminals. Yet there were others too. Like those who had nowhere else to go, or had never known anything else but the darkness, filth and artificial light that were the lower levels of Coruscant's underworld.

Staring at the sea of neon lights that swam below the taxi as it took her to her destination, Kixi lost total track of time. Thinking to herself, she thought of her wife Zaneca Rajki who had already arrived on Level 1313 ahead of the Jedi's pending arrival. The reasoning behind the logic of not going in together was a simple one. To better the odds of warding off any would be attackers, as any would be followers would see the Jedi as a lone target. In such circumstances, it would be assumed that if the Jedi Kixi were waylaid, that they would remain oblivious to her counterpart Zaneca, who would be tracking the Jedi's every movement from a distance, allowing for her to then intervene in a surprise counterattack. Given the climate of the environment they were in, plus the nature of the mission at hand, the odds of that eventuating had been considered to be extremely high, thus the measures and tactics taken.

Terminal 24 was all but empty when she arrived, which suited her fine. Kixi drew her cloak around her, the thick dark material doing its best to stave off the cold as well as disguise her features from any prying eyes as she made her way toward one of the various computer terminals that lined the walls leading toward the massive ventilation shaft that lead up to the surface.

Seeing the grime covered surface, Kixi grimaced and bunched up a handful of her cloak to wipe it clean, at least enough to see what she was looking at. Kixi began to pace slowly up and down, the heels of her long black boots making a tapping noise on the dirty durasteal surface. She had arrived at her rendezvous point. Now she patiently would wait for the informant, a mystery man whom had claimed to have vital clues and information regarding Kixi's long lost sibling, her younger sister Imogen Rajki.

Kixi had been to the least baffled on how this man had come across such information, information that as far as she had understood or had been aware of was scarce, and from a life in another galaxy so far away that she had left behind so long ago. A life that had been marred by much violence and consequently suffering that she now resented and had sought to put behind her long ago. Yet this informant claimed to know something of her younger sister. Imogen, her sweet little Imogen. Even if she were still alive, how did this one man even come by the knowledge. Kixi felt there would be more to this than it seemed, and that the puzzle would run down a lot deeper. In fact many years ago her close friend Kajtia Xiz'injhürek, who had been murdered right before her very eyes had somehow resurfaced from the dead as an exact clone copy. Only to be killed again before Kixi could get the chance to find answers, it had seemed then that a ghost from her past had come back from the dead to haunt her. Would this be the case now she wondered. What she did know for certain was that whoever had stowed the clone of Kajtia in her ship during the long trek from the Androj'Meden Galaxy was more than highly likely the same person responsible for ascertaining this information regarding her sister. That and also the other incident years ago when a traitor onboard her ship had used the Stones to get into contact with her enemy of old, Lord Xiz'Jhan and leak out vital information regarding the Republic and Empire for a future galactic invasion. The traitor had been found dead before Kixi and those under her command could get a chance to interrogate him, leaving many unanswered questions looming and the true extent of what had been leaked unknown. It was evidently clear now that this was one such instance of the repercussions from what happened all those years ago. The case had been closed after the alleged traitor had been found dead, yet she had felt that he couldn't have been working alone. Although until now, she had no evidence of the case, nor had anyone ever been pinpointed, despite the mastermind behind it all being one very close to her ranks that she trusted, and that Kixi was totally oblivious to their treacherous deception in which one day would be destined to have dire consequences once it was too late.

“You seem lost.”

Kixi was startled as a young, cultured voice spoke from behind her. She had been so engrossed in her thoughts that he'd managed to sneak up on her. Her master would have scolded her for her lack of spatial awareness. She maintained her composure and managed not to react physically, continuing to glance around her to ensure no one else tried to sneak up on her.

“Is that so?" Kixi asked, her voice holding a dry quality to it. "If you can see that much with this cloak on then it isn't doing its job properly.”

“It's doing its job well enough, but then, I'm not looking at you with my eyes.”

Kixi's hand subtly drifted down to her waist, her hand slowly clenching the hilt of her lightsabre. Then she took a faint breath and forced herself to relax, her hand unclenching the weapon at her side. She couldn't sense any outward hostility in the voice, nor through the Force.

“That's quite the trick," Kixi said as she turned around. "You'll have to…”

The former padawan had no idea what she had expected to see, but it certainly hadn't been a young man with bright green eyes and a pleasant smile.

She had been so disarmed and distracted by how benign he seemed at first glance, that she almost glossed over what he was wearing.

The young man was covered by a silvery cloak, the material of which Kixi couldn't determine, beneath which he was dressed in a black, belted tunic over a pair of matching trousers and leather boots. The outfit bore a striking resemblance to the one worn by a Sith Lord from long ago. His name however wouldn't quite pop to mind though.

“That's… an interesting outfit you have there," Kixi said. "Where'd you get it?”

The young man smiled and brought a hand up, idly brushing his fingers over the tunic. "Do you like it?" He asked and grinned. "I permanently borrowed it from a rather irate fellow."

Kixi's brow furrowed. "Permanently borrowed it?"

The figure opposite her shrugged a shoulder. "It sounds so much better than 'I stole it' doesn't it?"

“I suppose," Kixi said slowly. "What do you want?”

The young man's eyebrows rose. "That's a rather open ended question isn't it?" He looked to actually consider it. "I'm a bit hungry honestly, and I don't particularly feel like any of the shit that they consider food down here. But if you meant out of life, well I hadn't really considered that question in—"

“I meant with me," Kixi interrupted. "Why did you contact me? You asked to meet me here, what do you want?”

The figure blinked. "I believe you already know why Master Jedi," he said again raising his eyebrows a little confused knowing all too well that Kixi had known the reason for this meeting . "You are the Jedi Master Kixi Rajki are you not, or are you just a wannabe who carries a lightsabre that is a little lost at the moment?"

"I know exactly where I am, thank you," Kixi said heatedly.

“I did not mean physically.”

Whatever it was that she was going to retort with died on her lips and her stomach twisted upon itself and she swallowed a lump that had formed in her throat.

“Maybe I am lost," she finally said, allowing herself a rare moment of honesty with herself. "I've had purpose and direction my entire life, I've never been without guidance. Yes I am the Jedi in which the name you mention. You are obviously the informant who claims to know the whereabouts of my younger sister. I lost my whole family long ago, so at least I thought so until now. If you know where she is or at least of her fate, why don't you just tell me and also how you acquired this information.”

The figure in front of her was silent as he regarded her with his green eyes. After a few moments, he finally spoke. "Have you considered the fact that you are not the only Sajnen that is roaming around freely in this galaxy?"

Kixi snorted. "What! Who? How? Someone has been feeding you tonnes of information about me? I bet you don't even know anything about my home system of worlds. Why don't you just tell me who has fed you all this, and where I can find my sister and I'll pay you what you want and happily be on my way."

The figure smiled again and waved a hand dismissively. "You misunderstand, let me put it this way. Maybe you need to stop assuming trying to determine—"

"Enough of the bullshit, who the hell are you? Start with your name!" Kixi abruptly demanded.

Yet the young man remained fully composed, not at all bothered about Kixi's sudden and unpredictable outburst. His smile widened as he waited for Kixi to once again calm down.

“My name is of little importance to you Jedi," he then said, his voice becoming firm. "I once knew a woman who apparently worked for the Imperials, she's dead now in case you decide to ask me if I know of her whereabouts. Her name was Kajtia Xiz'injhürek.”

At the revelation alone of him even knowing the name, Kixi's eyes widened as did her mouth which she instinctively then placed her hand over it. Hearing the name sent goosebumps rippling all over her body.

"How....... How do....... How do you know about her?" Kixi then said slowly removing her hand from her mouth.

Still with a broad smile on his face, the man would extend his left arm, palm facing upwards.

“Credits please.”

"Oh yeah of course." Kixi said quickly retrieving a 200 credit chip from one of her side pockets and gently placing it in the man's palm.

"You seem to pay well and we haven't even got to the part about your sister yet." The man then said as he inspected the credit chip to his satisfaction.

"Then perhaps you should get on with it sir." Kixi once again showing an obvious tinge of frustration in her voice.

“Gee for a Jedi Master you are not a very patient—”

"Well maybe I'll fucking turn Sith then, just for you cos your really starting to push my buttons. I paid you, so start fucking talking, now!" Kixi said sounding menacing, placing her hand on the top of her lightsabre.

“Very well, calm down, no need to get hostile.”

“Then stop stalling and get on with it.”

"Very well, here goes." The man said clearing his throat at the same time.

“I was once an Imperial agent and informant, but not anymore so don't concern yourself with that. I first encountered her amongst the same ranks under the Imperial Navy of the One Sith. Kajtia had also signed up bringing in a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Empire's cause. She seemed, let me put it this way, different. At first I found it peculiar for an extremely educated human to speak such bad Basic. In fact she used some sort of translator at first, until she finally learnt the language properly. She was a quick learner in general, that much was apparent. As I slowly got to know her more, I realised she had access to certain technologies, technologies never seen of or heard about before.”

“Technology such as?”

"Ha! Wouldn't you want to know?" The man smirked knowing too well that Kixi already knew the answer anyway.

“What you want more credits for something you know that I already know of?”

“Then why ask?”

“Why bring it up? Kixi quickly countered before continuing. "Just want to confirm the accuracy of your claim of having known Kajtia. I know exactly what technology she may have had access to, so if you get it totally wrong..... Well then I'll know you're totally full of crap and wasting my time here.”

“You make a valid point there.”

“Then continue talking.”

“Right. So where was I. Yeah, the tech Kajtia had access to. Well she had several things that I've never seen or heard of before.”

“Uh hem. Yes just cut to the chase already.”

“Yes, she had this weird communication device for starters. I saw her using it on several occasions and always speaking to what appeared to be the same woman.”

“A woman, um.... Any idea who she was. What she looked like etc?”

"Unfortunately no. I could never get close enough to see. All I can tell you is that she appeared to be around your age perhaps and by my own tastes in women, attractive. Of course not that you're not attractive Jedi." The man couldn't help but smile with a huge grin on his face and flirting. Kixi simply rolled her eyes. Flattering as it was, she had no time for this, nor was she interested in men, nor was she bothered.

"Can you tell me anything about the other woman at all, apart from that she looked attractive?" Kixi sighed knowing the answer already.

“As I said before, it was far too hard to tell. Although her hair colour was a definite brownish. Anyway the device appeared to open a tiny wormhole in which the woman figure she spoke to appeared through it and probably at a very far location. I assumed that Kajtia appeared the same to this woman on the other end.”

“Yes I'm familiar wit the tech in question. I have the same device. Continue please.”

“You have the same device. Can I see—”

“No! Continue now!”

“Okay, okay, don't go all hostile on me already.”

Kixi just gave the man the death stare not impressed at his stalling even though clearly not deliberate.

“She also had this retractable blade. The blade was physical, unlike your Jedi lightsabre, yet the entire blade could retract into the hilt of the weapon so she could carry it like you do your lightsabre. Then when using the weapon the blade would extend out from the hilt so it became a sword. The unusual aspect of this particular weapon was that she could press a button that would activate a thin force shield around the blade of the sword. My guess is to deflect blaster fire with it like you do with your lightsabre. Then to cut things or stab things, turn it off since it's only a shield and then use the blade for that. A very most peculiar weapon, but indeed elegant. Although I take it not as powerful as your Jedi weapon.”

“Yes I'm familiar with that weapon. It's called an X2 Blade. No need to describe it further.”

“Well yes of course you're already familiar. Who am I kidding.”

Kixi lifted a brow on that last comment not yet too sure where it was heading. Although she had a faint idea, but choose to not say anything yet since the man still had much to reveal.

“She also had this glove device. She would wear it on her off hand and it would be capable of releasing both kinetic energy and electricity bursts. It works like the Force. Being able to push things away and do the thing Sith normally do with electricity when it comes out of their hand.”

“Yes I know the device. The one she had is called the Kinetic Hand. Both Kajtia and I tested the prototype many, many years ago.”

“Yeah I sort of knew that.”

"You sort of knew that? May I know how?" Kixi now started sounding startled given just how much this stranger knew about her and Sajnen technology.

“Oh that's easy. Again all through Kajtia. I did befriend her eventually. I didn't just sneak into her quarters or what have you and snoop around at her things. Although I say a half lie. I did manage to find some sort of weird looking data disc, one in which I managed to play over some parts of that she perhaps didn't encrypt. The part about you, her and the Kinetic Hand was not encrypted. As well as those other X Blade type weapons. Of course I already saw her X2 weapon, but it also mentioned an X1 or X Blade which was just a normal sword but with the shield like her X2, and an X3 or X Plasma which looked identical to a lightsabre.”

“That's because it is identical. Well it works the same anyway just like most blasters very much do.”

“She had access to a variety of weapons and although from the disc I was able to pinpoint sort of where she was from. It was most intriguing I might add.”

“Yeah I bet it was.”

“I did see her once use some sort of stone.”

"A stone?" Although Kixi sounded surprised, she knew exactly what stones he had seen her use. The same ones she had access to. But how the hell did Kajtia manage to get her hands on one of these and who was she contacting back at the Sajnen Confederate. Perhaps Lord Xiz'Jhan. Just the thought of it sent shivers down her spine.

“I'm surprised you sound surprised by that Jedi.”

"I'm surprised she had access to those stones. So how do you describe them?" Kixi said wondering if the man even had the faintest idea on what they did.

“I believe to swap bodies with someone else at a remote location perhaps many light years away. I observed that when she used these that for a small period of time she would act bizarre. As if someone else were occupying her body and the temporary occupier was trying hard to pretend in being her.”

“And you spoke to her during these periods to make such analysis?”

“Most definitely. She or whoever it is would try to avoid me or anyone else, naturally one would do that in such circumstances to I guess avoid being figured out.”

“But you're too smart and did figure it out, right?”

“Yep. Anyway it appeared she was giving vital Imperial secrets to someone else. But before you ask who, I have no idea so please don't threaten me.”

"Don't worry I won't as I believe I already know who. But that's not for you to know." Kixi gave the man a look of concern knowing for certain it had to be Lord Xiz'Jhan and related to his pending plans for a galactic invasion. So she was spreading the Intel regarding the Imperials to the dark lord, and the dead ensign her crew had found on her own ship years ago not long after he was about to be discovered for his treachery had most certainly done the same thing with Republic Intel. Kixi had always had her doubts about that Ensign. Had he really committed suicide or was he murdered. Kajtia had been murdered at around the same time when she was about to give her a name. That was it. The killer of Kajtia and that ensign was the middle person and was roaming around loose somewhere. Furthermore he or she had to be Sajnen as well, and this man knew who he or she was. Kixi would no doubt attempt to ask him once she got what she initially had come here for. Information about the whereabouts of her sister Imogen.

“Not my concern anyway who she was speaking to or about. Though that tech was real weird shit. Oh and she had possession of these weird arse looking pistols. That disc contained accessible info about them too. It was called a Zat'nik'tel or simply a Zat Gun. The thing was small, easy to conceal and resembled a snake.”

"Yeah, yeah, yeah and one shot stunned, two shots killed and three shots vaporised. It's just like a blaster in the end, so who cares. You seemed to learn a lot from Kajtia regarding Sajnen technology and that she like me is from this mystery planet somewhere in the galaxy. Further to that, Kajtia was probably giving away Imperial Intel to the Sajnens and was a spy in which in the end paid the ultimate price for.

Kixi hadn't expected him to answer even that much, yet in the grand scheme of things, what he was was probably more useful to her than what his actual name was. Despite all that, she decided to formally introduce herself since he already seemed to know who she was. "Kixi Rajki of the Silver Sanctum Coalition," she then said after a moment.

"Of the Silver Sanctum, really? Or of the House of Sunrider in the Sajnen Confederate perhaps? On observing her jaw drop at the latter which had been an accurate description to her life from long past, the man's smile broadened as he spoke, further adding insult to injury in stating, "You were the First Prime of its tyrannical ruler," he finished frowning. "Oh and as for your dead friend Kajtia Xiz'injhürek, one can't get more Sajnen with a name like that." The man chuckled to himself as he brought up that fact. "Lastly you are such a liar Kixi Rajki. The mystery planet you're supposedly from in this galaxy. Nuh girl, the disc said where the exact location of your coalition of worlds known as the Sajnen Confederate is located. In a galaxy trillions of light years away from here. One known as Androj'Meden. You, just like Kajtia are aliens to this galaxy. It's quite obvious what your now dead friend was doing. Spying on the Imperials and sending all she could to her people, your people. You have probably did the same with Republic intelligence. What is it, you extra galactic beings think you can take this galaxy? Well you got something coming lady." The man now sounding angrier virtually shouted out at her.

Composing after hearing the man's disturbing revelation of her past life, a stretch of silence followed as Kixi stared at the man who although had not identified himself with a name, had identified himself as an ex imperial agent of some sort. Trying to figure out what his game was, Kixi decided it would be perhaps best to play the patient game. Her prime objective in meeting this man had been to investigate finding her sister, not where or who had given him the Intel. That would have to wait. "Your story is quite fascinating but I don't have time for your fairytales about intergalactic travellers. You said you knew where my younger sister is," Kixi finally spoke. "So here are the bulk of the credits you asked for, now where is she?" Kixi decided to now to cut to the chase tossing a credit chip worth 1000 credits at the man.


Mako's eyes wandered across the distance that stood between the rooftop in which she silently observed the Jedi and newcomer from, separated by a good distance and height, she clearly had the higher ground should she be needed in the event of deception on the newcomer's part.

From far below, she also observed the many crowds gathered in the various places in the nearby vicinity, steadly going about their everyday business. It seemed crime was prevalent in this part of Coruscant, she thought to herself as a slow growl formed in her throat. Wearing what to her was more of an unfamiliar, but comfortable all black clothing, her long black boots covered the bottom of her black pants, while a thick black belt separated the thick long sleeved jacket she wore on her upper torso. She had the appearance of an assassin, a look that clearly didn't agree with Mako, yet necessary for the mission at hand. Feeling more out of place than ever, she would endure it for as long as necessary. In the end she mused to herself, as it would make no difference in the event if violence were to break out and she were forced to fight.

Her Sajnen X2 blade dangled from her hip, while her fingers would casually graze across it. At the same time, Mako kept her eye firmly trained onto her DC-15x sniper rifle's scope. Patiently watching Kixi and the stranger from the rooftops high above, and ready to fire at the first sign of deceit or ambush, Mako continued to lay in wait. Patiently, knowing that soon enough things would be heating up. However for the time being, she knew that she could at least for now, relax and remain calm. The rooftops were isolated, and she had been very subtle when she had slowly made her way up, knowing with almost full certainty that she hadn't attracted any unwanted suspicion or attention to herself.

"Oh please don't insult me woman Jedi. It was all on the disc, and given I saw some of the tech in question first hand, that's enough proof that what was on that disc is genuine. Your extra galactic origins is no fairytale. Even your own battleship and starfighters say it all. No one in this galaxy but you has them. Their unique. But I'm just but an informant needing to make a living. I found out about you and your sister from the disc. Using those stones after Kajtia died, I was actually able to swap bodies with someone at a location in the Sajnen Federation and meet her." He smiled deviously at Kixi knowing he had won the argument.

“Fine then, you win. But I need more proof. Show me that you have the stone.”

"Not a problem." The man swiftly replied placing a hand in his pocket and retrieving a stone handing it to Kixi.

"Yeah that's it." Kixi said after a quick examination of the stone. "So where is she, tell me now?" Kixi now demanded urgently as she sensed something unusual and possible dangerous lurking nearby.

"Um I would like my stone back Jedi Rajki".

“Your stone? It was never your property to begin with. You took it off a dead comrade of mine. Well ex-comrade, but that's beside the point.”

“So you're just gonna thieve that off me?”

“I'm not thieving, I'm reclaiming lost property. Kajtia should never have had access to this, and I'm not an intergalactic spy. Your story has some truth to it, but trust me, I'm Republic and Jedi of the Silver Sanctum through and through. Now please there is not much time. I sense danger lurking nearby. I've paid you more than the agreed sum for intel regarding my sister already. Tell me where to find her.”

"Fine, fine. I don't really want to stick around much longer in this wretched place anyway." The man said quickly inspecting the credit chip Kixi had given him and then retrieving a small datapad from one of his pockets.

“Here you go.”

He handed Kixi the datapad in which she quickly inspected. It contained coordinates of locations, names of people he met and strangely enough, information about her sister that no one could really have known.

“I see it has things about Imogen that only she knew.”

“Yes, she told me to include it with all the information I had, as there would otherwise have been no other way to convince you that this is the real deal.”

"My little sister was always the bright one thinking outside the square. That was indeed good thinking of her. Those secrets between her and I that you wrote on this pad, no one other than us knew them. Not until she told you. That means what you have here on her is real and I wouldn't have believed you otherwise." Kixi smiled gently at the man, allowing him to see a different side of the Jedi Master. Kixi was still far from finding her younger sister, but knowing she was still alive, somewhere trillions of light years away brought a warm smile to her face.

“Well then I guess that concludes our business. It was quite extraordinary meeting you Kixi Rajki, but I'll be leaving now. All the best in finding your sister.”

“Wait one more thing.”

“What is it now, I've given you what we agreed to already.”

“Yes I know and I thank you dearly, but I need to know, do you know the name of Kajtia's killer? I.... I... I believe you know that name. I could tell from your prior discussion about her.”

“Well that depends on how—”

“Look pal, you spoke of Kajtia leaking out Imperial secrets to an extragalactic entity or people. I believe someone is or was doing the same regarding the Republic. My crew and I are like refugees in this galaxy. We ran from the tyranny in our galaxy. But somehow they have followed by inserting spies in my ranks and using me like a pawn to fulfil their goals in gathering intel for a future invasion. If I know who the killer is, I can stop him or her and can help prevent this invasion.”

“And I thought you would never admit it Jedi woman.”

“Admit what, there is no more time to stuff around. The name of the killer please?”

“I meant admit as in verify that your people, from wherever you are really from intend an invasion of this galaxy.”

“One I intend to stop and put my life on if need be. The name?”

"More credits please." The man put out his left hand, palm facing up.

Kixi without hesitating retrieved another 500 credit chip handing it to the man.

“Now give me the name, hurry up!”

"Gladly, for starters its not a he, it's a she, and her name....well I'm surprised you really had no idea. Her name is—." His speech was cut off just as he was about to reveal the assassin's name that Kixi had long craved to find out. The tip of a crimson blade suddenly appearing through the man's chest, the man momentarily groaning in pain, his eyes widening at the sudden shock, as the blade passed through the man's midsection, before the blade was pulled back exiting his body. He was deceased by the time he hit the ground even though he still twitched spasmodically, that due by the sudden trauma his body had been subjected to just seconds earlier. Not even hearing the thud of his body hitting the ground, what seemed like a tiny explosion hit the shoulder plating of the waylaying attacker at a tremendous velocity, no doubt a blaster bolt from a sniper high above, Mako, which had little or no effect on the what was clearly a Sith female attacker. The surprise ordeal had the Jedi Master rocked, although she had earlier sensed the danger lurking close by. Her excitement at finally knowing who the killer of Kajtia Xiz'injhürek was, her close friend from a past long gone had distracted her. As a result of her distraction, she still didn't know the killer's name, and had just fallen under a serious and deadly assault by the same attacker who had just silenced her informant. Kixi backtracked, then stumbled, sending herself skidding on her arse towards the edge of a nearby wall. Without thought she quickly recovered by forward rolling away from the fast advancing Sith, just in a nick of time, to leap on her feet and swivel around in response, lightsabre drawn and activated. The duel between Jedi versus Sith would now be on.

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