Amnesia: Calum Hood

Introduction is inside of the story


2. Chapter One

I stick the landing off the balance beam and onto the mat, finishing off my routine. Back handspring, cartwheel, front flip, double layout. Perfect. Another day of practice finished.

Tomorrow was my big competition. National qualifying event. If I made it through, I got into global competitions and possibly a chance in the Olympics.

It's been my dream ever since I was little to be in the Olympics. I've practiced over and over again to make it.

I head to the locker room to change and get my bag. I put on my black skinny jeans and my band t-shirt that I was wearing before my two hours of practice. The band on my shirt was one of my favourites, 5 Seconds Of Summer. I didn't fangirl over them like most girls did, but I listen to them a lot, and have quite a bit of merchandise. My floor routine tomorrow was to Don't Stop and Mrs. All American in a really cool medley me and my best friend Morgan put together.

I walk down the sidewalk to the corner café I went to after practices. Inside the air was warm and smelled like hot cocoa and coffee, like always. I order a mug of hot cocoa with whipped cream and a blueberry muffin.

It was a little too crowded inside so I sat outside. I didn't like being too crowded. It scared me.

A loud burst of laughter and shouting came from down the street. Four boys were walking together, laughing and shouting at each other.

"You owe me now, Luke!" One of them shouted. He sounded like Michael Clifford, and looked like him a bit too from what I could see. His hair was coloured blue, like my bangs were.

"No I don't!" One of the other retorted.

They had gotten close enough for me to hear and see them better. That was when I realised that it was 5 Seconds Of Summer.


Author's Note

Sorry it's short but I had to get it started

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