Lauren is just an average girl who loves Halloween. Along with her five bestfriends... A'sauni, Belle, Marisol, Teliyah, and Pedro. Well, except for A'sauni and Pedro, they're boys. And although, they we're all too old for trick or treating, they we're all attending Teliyah's Halloween party at her house. They decided on going in a group costume for the competition. With that being said, everyone took a trip to visit the Halloween store, Spirit, at the mall. But what happens when the store closes and only Lauren and her five other bestfriends all get trapped in Spirit... OVERNIGHT? Not only are they trapped with some many freaky "props" and spooky "dolls", but what will happen when they all come to life? So called "Possessed". Will the friends make it through the night? Who will survive and who won't? (Keep reading to find out! And yes this story is for the competition. So please like and favourite. Thanks)


8. Conclusions

I peeked my head into the entrance of the mysterious room, not wanting to take the first step. "Lauren go. Before something snatches us like it did Marisol." Belle snapped, which kind of startled me, as she shoved further into the room. Next thing I knew, A'sauni had slammed to the door shut behind him. I heard Belle, not too far from me, sniffing the air. "Ugh. It smells terrible in here. And it's even darker in here than it is out there." she complained. I, of course, sniffed as well to see what Belle was referring to. The scent was revoluting. The smell reminded me of remains. I practically gagged. "It's not so bad." I lied, "Just find a light so we can see what this place is." I instructed. Or at least see what this smell is. They both did as told without question. I even participated in searching. Not too long after, a light flickered on. Belle and I turned towards A'sauni's direction. "Found it." he said as he kept his finger on the light switch. "Yea we see that." Belle replied, which was, in my opinion, very uncalled for. We all began examining the room. "This is like... the employee's break room, right?" I asked as I plopped down on a red three seated couch. It's color was faded, although, it was quite comfy. "Or parlour, yea." Belle answered as she stayed wondering the room. "Hey, what's the other door over there." A'sauni stood in the center of the room, pointing at a wooden door, around where Belle was located. "Oh I don't know." Belle said as she walked over to where he was pointing, and extended her arm to open to door. "Wait." I interrupted as I got to my feet and rushed over to her. "You can't just open any door we find. Who knows what might be in there." I said. A'sauni shrugged his shoulders. "Exactly, that's why we need to find out." Belle said with a 'duh' look on her face. I didn't stop her, she seems to do whatever she wants anyways, so no reason to put up a fight. Belle cracked the door open slowly just to reveal something that would ruin an appetite. "Ew gross." I shrieked as I backed away from the door. "Oh come on." A'sauni began as he inched nearer to the door. "It's just a closet full of dead bodies and corpse." he said. "So that's what that smell was. Disgusting." Belle said, as well backing away from the closet. "Wait, I'm confused. Why in the world would Spirit have a closet in their break room, filled with skeletons? Oh and surprisingly worms." I asked. "I don't know. The owner is probably just weird like that." A'sauni replied, not once removing his eyes from the closet. "Or maybe..." Belle began "We're not the only ones that have been trapped in this place before." she said, with her concentrated look on. Something I've seen many times before at school. "What do you mean?" I asked her as I sat down on the couch, once again. "I mean, these people, or what are now skeletons, went through the same thing as what's going on with us now." she said, turning toward my direction. "I... still don't get it." I said, which was normal in every conversation I had with Belle. "Based on the looks of those decaying bodies, I can tell that they have been in that closet for about a year now. Which leads me to understand that, every year in this very Halloween store, there's a victim." she said, now looking dead at me. "I see. And your saying that we're just another one, of this store's, victims?" I asked, making sure I was following along correctly. "Yep. I mean it just all makes sense." she said raising her eyebrows. "She's right. It does make a lot of logical sense. Well..." A'sauni began, still looking at the closet, "more sense than all of us just being trapped here over night, and everything basically coming to life and attempting to kill us. Or compared to Marisol, just killing us." He said, now turning around facing us, with LED flashlights in his hands. "Oh yea, and I also found these in the closet." he said smiling. I stood up and ran by his side, "What? Why didn't you tell us earlier?" I asked him while taking one the LED headlights to wrap around my head. "I wanted to see where y'alls conversation was going." A'sauni said as he handed Belle a regular flashlight. "So, what do you guys think about heading back out there and finding Teliyah and Pedro. That is if they are still alive." Belle offered. "Sure. I'll bring the extra flashlights for them." A'sauni said and we all began walking towards the door with confidence about surviving.

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