The Headless Horseman - [Fanart Entry Comp]

Fear the Rider of the Undead... - Fanart entry for the Halloween Competition, 2016.


1. The Headless Horseman


My entry for the Halloween competition. 
I have spent almost my entire day drawing this. From 7am to 11pm and I am both amazingly proud of it and tired of looking at it. 

I went where I had never gone before as an artist before, and the very reason as to why it took me so... God... damned... LONG!
I went along with dynamic shading, where it was no matter of shading away from the light on the opposite of the drawing. Instead, it is a method of using as little lineart as possible.and trying to show detail though shading and highlights, with minimal black outlines. For my first attempt, I am damn well proud! Like, immensely proud! 

Good luck to all the entries in the fanart section!

- Aldrin

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