I Can't Hear You Over The Music Anyway

Abigail is mute. Always has been. She's learned to deal with it, but when two random boys take two random items from her she has to get them back. And what's up with the new kid in class? (A Nat Wolff FanFiction)


7. chapter 7

Abigail woke up. It was late afternoon, and she realized Kylee had left. Last thing she remembered was them both weeping. She had, evidently, cried herself to sleep. She got up, and walked into the kitchen for something to drink to quench her thirst. All she could think about was facing her parents sullen faces. She pulled out a Coke, and drank a sip before she slipped on some flip-flops, and Walked out to her car.

"Howdy neighbor!" Hayden, the neighbor, said. Abigail waved, and picked up her key to the house from under the mat, "What? I don't get a hello?" she asked. Abigail chuckled at the now 18 year prank on Hayden. Abigail shook her head, and got in her car. As Abigail drove she thought about how mean she was to Nat earlier. She turned her car around, and drove to his house. She got out slowly, and checked her watch.


She walked up to the door, and knocked hesitantly. Suddenly the door swung open to a man....that wasn't Nat.

"Hello? How can I help you?" he asked gently. Abigail reached into her pocket for her notepad, and gasped in sudden, horrified realization, "Well, come on! Out with it!" he said. She opened her mouth, and attempted to communicate with him. She longed for Nat, or even Alex to come around the corner, and see her. She looked down after a while, and he shrugged, "Look, I'm not sure what you want." he said, "and I really kinda don't think you do either." Abigail put her hands to her head in frustration, and sat down on the step. Suddenly she remembered her sign language letters. She made the letters 'N-A-T', and waited for his response. He turned towards the inside of the house.

"POLLY?" he called. His wife, or that's who she thought it was, came scurrying around the corner. She looked at Abigail, and then back at the man.

"What?" she asked.

"Do that thing again!" the man said. Abigail showed the letters again, and waited for a response. Suddenly Polly shouted out into the house.

"NAT!" she shouted. Nat came up to the door, and smiled, "Is she just a fan?" Polly asked. Nat shrugged.

"I don't know if she's a fan!" Nat said taking her hand, and pulling her inside.

"Nat?" Polly called after him. Nat just ignored his mother, and continued walking until they were in the living room. Abigail was suddenly placed on the couch next to Nat. His Mother walked into the living room, and looked over at Nat.

"Who is she?" She asked gesturing to Abigail.

"She is Gail. My friend from school. Something traumatic has happened to her, and she's here to talk about it," He said, he looked over at her, "Well, not really talk. but interact." Nat added.

"Why can't she talk?" Polly asked.

"She's just mute, ok?" Nat said. Suddenly Alex came flying around the corner with the little girl on his back.

"OH! Gail! This is Gracie!" Nat said, "She is our sister. She's new." He said in a loud whisper. Abigail smiled, and held out her hand to Gracie. Gracie shook it slowly, and smiled.

"Gracie is quiet, but she can talk." Alex added bouncing her, "She's six." He put her down, and walked over to the nearest couch. All Abigail could think was how at ease Gracie was. Abigail guessed Gracie was so used to not being at home, that she was at home in a way. Gracie had curly brown hair, and dark eyes. She had a glint of mystery behind them, but Abigail thought it must be because she didn't know one ounce about her. 

"Hey," Nat said looking at her, "You came over for something, what was it?" He asked. Abigail paused, and the anger, and frustration quickly came back to her. She frowned, and looked at him. He turned around, and saw that his entire family was standing around.

"Yeah, let's go upstairs." Nat said walking up the first flight of stairs. He stopped in front of the door that used to be his then he remembered he was moved earlier, "Sorry," He said, "Follow me." they walked over to the attic door, and opened it.

"Sorry, I forgot I was up here now." He said as he followed her up the staircase. She sat at the desk, and looked around. The room was a lot nicer than she thought. Though the roof was slanted, it had walls. Not little three foot walls, but real walls! The walls were a dingy brown, and there was all kinds of furniture, but someting about it was amazing. There was an old broken banister, and a few stairs with a big space, and a door to an abandoned bathroom.

"You know," Nat started looking around, "I really need to fix this place up!" He said, "Are you any good with tools?" Abigail nodded, and reached into her bag for something, anything write on. She found her pen, and looked down. She settled with her arm. She rolled up her sleeve, and wrote.

I'm good with wiring, but other than that I'm useless.  she said

"No, you can't possibly be useless!" Nat said. She sighed, and looked down.

I'm half a preformer! I can't be a teacher, I'm no good at math, or anything other than music! And I can't even sing! What could I possibly do with my life? she wrote on his arm.

"You could be a dancer!" He said.

Nope. I am a huge clutz. 

"You could be a song writer!" He said.

I've only ever written one song! And it isn't even that good! 

"I'm sure it is! Maybe if you showed it to me!" He suggested.

Can't. I lost my notebook with it in there! Suddenly Nat had an epiphany.

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