I Can't Hear You Over The Music Anyway

Abigail is mute. Always has been. She's learned to deal with it, but when two random boys take two random items from her she has to get them back. And what's up with the new kid in class? (A Nat Wolff FanFiction)


3. chapter 3

Nat stood there, and took his punishment like a man. School had ended, and the halls were mostly empty.

"Nathaniel Marvin Wolff. What were you thinking?!" His mother yelled at him, "You could've been mobbed, or killed, or had a car wreck, or-" Nat stopped her.

"I face that everyday when I get out of bed!" He said.

"Once we get home, your driving privileges are being revoked." She said. He groaned.

"But Mom! How will I get to school? Or Gigs? Or ANYWHERE!? He asked.

"I don't know, maybe use the limbs you're standing on?" She asked. She walked by him and out the door. Nat sighed, and rubbed his eyes. He might as well go on home. He got in his car, and noticed a bright green sticky note on his arm.

4875 Rose Avenue 

Nat thought he ought to go by his house so his mom didn't have a duck that he wasn't home, and then follow the address.

"Nat, I'm sorry, but give me your keys." His Dad said as he got out of the car, "Look, I know your mom was kinda overreacting, but don't tell her I think that." He chuckled as Nat walked into the building. Nat walked up to his room, and pulled out a skateboard, and walked back outside.

"Where are you going with my skateboard?" Alex asked looking up from his phone.

"Going to..." Nat pulled out the sticky note, "4875 Rose Avenue." 

"Why?" Alex asked putting his phone in his pocket.

"I don't know, why do you keep checking your phone?" He asked after Alex pulled his phone out again.

"I'm expecting something." He said walking into his room, and closing the door. Nat shrugged off his curiosity, and walked out the door. He put the skateboard on the ground, and tried to go, but be couldn't keep his balance. He managed to make it about half way before he actually fell off. He decided to just walk the rest of the way before he killed himself. His mom would've been furious if he did that. 

Nat got to the address, and tried the door. It was locked, but there was a large chunk of the door missing at the bottom. Nat hunched over and started climbing in. He fell over halfway through, and cause a table to fall over. He got up quickly, and walked over to one of the doorways. There was a light sound of a guitar, but it stopped as soon as he started walking. He stopped, and waited for the guitar to start back up again. It suddenly started, and Nat continued to walk around the house. 

 It was large, but dark. Nat walked up the staircase, and through the upstairs halls. He avoided the dark spots in the wooden floors just in case, and looked into the rooms. First there was a bedroom with a broken vanity, and a bed that was uneven, and even looked rickety. He moved on to the next room, and saw an old office space. It had a desk, and a couple musty bookshelves with a few books on them. Nat looked over the shelves, and noticed a certain one. He reached up to grab it when the floorboards under him caved in, He fell right through the floor, and landed on his back, suddenly on the first floor.

Abigail jumped when he landed, and put her guitar down on the ground. She ran over, and tried to see if he was ok. She ended up kinda hitting his face to wake him up. When he finally came around he saw her mouthing his name.

"I'M DEAF!" He shouted. He held his ears, and jumped up. Abigail shook her head, and grabbed his arm, "But I can't hear you!" He said. She reached into her pocket, and pulled out a bright green sticky note, and a pen.

I've been trying to tell you. I can't talk!!! 

Nat read it slowly, and smiled.

"GAIL!" He said. She smiled, and walked back over to her guitar, "I'm also in a quite a bit of pain." He said sitting down, and stretching out his arms. Abigail wrote something else down on a sticky note, and placing it on his forehead.

Take a hot bath.

I'm going home. 

He read.

"Don't go! Or at least let me come too!" He said standing up slowly. Abigail closed up her guitar case, and picked it up. She waved an arm around her, to show him to come on. He got up, and they walked outside. Nat picked up the skateboard, and they started down the road.

"You know," Nat started, "I just thought that you just weren't a talkative person." He chuckled. Abigail smiled, and looked around them.

"Where are we going?" He asked. Abigail pointed to herself.

"You." He said, "Your favorite park?" She pointed to a bright yellow house, "Your house!" He said finally. She clapped, as they walked up to a bright yellow house with a wrap around porch, and swingset in the front yard. Perfect Little White House on a Hill. Nat laughed at the cliché, and they walked inside.

"Oh the cliché continues!" He said loudly. She shushed him quickly, but it was too late.

"Abigail?" Her younger sister, Lizzy, called. She walked into the foyer, and saw Nat with Abigail, "Oh my," She said, "You didn't tell me that you were gonna bring a pretty boy home with you!" She said putting her hand out immediatly, "I'm Lizzy," She started, he put out his hand, "And I love you." She said suddenly wrapping both her arms around his waist, and not letting go, "I love your music too." She said. She was quite a bit shorter than Nat, and very skinny.

"Lizzy, I'm Nat, and I think you should let go now." He said trying to get her to let go.

"You're gonna stay for dinner." Lizzy said. She was very forceful for being 4'9.

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