The Inn

Is it really a good idea to go somewhere you know is dangerous? You decide.


3. Out of Options

"Boys, I have a room ready for you, room 36." He gripped the backs of their necks and steered them toward the inn entrance before they could run away. "Don't worry," he continued in a casual voice, "your friend will be right next to you," he stared straight at Ben and turned the corner. Ben whipped around and started looking for an exit, there was no possible way out. Ben analyzed the room as he sat down on the squeaky bed. He noticed some things were sticking out, they were shiny and new. The handle and lock, which meant they were strong. But, then he saw a large vent hidden under the moldy desk. "Ben?" he heard a muffled voice from the other side of the wall. 

"Zeke? Brady?" he ran toward the wall and pushed his ear to the cracking wallpaper. 

"Do you have any idea how we are going to get out of here?" Brady's voice cracked. 

"I have a plan." Ben told the other boys what they were going to do, and they started putting their plan into action. Ben ran to his bed and made the pillows look like he was laying down. On the other side of the wall, the two boys were doing the same thing. Zeke then found a dusty old book in a drawer, he threw it out the window. It made a loud thud, and as planned, the innkeeper left his desk and went to see what it was. The boys only had one thing left to do, crawl into the vents and proceed until they wound an exit. It wasn't a very sturdy plan, but it had to do. The boys, although in separate rooms, both started to pull of the vent cover. Before they could, down the hall a piercing scream louder than Ben had ever heard echoed through the halls. Ben looked out the window, the inn keeper was gone. 

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