A High School Story

You just have to read. (Not fully edited)


7. Chapter 6

*Louie’s POV*

Okay, maybe running until I felt safe and okay wasn’t such a good idea. Because I am now lost. I was in town walking down the streets, I had never been downtown before. So, yes, I was lost, and a little on my toes. I have watched enough movies to know that nothing good happens downtown. I sighed. Well shit, fudge my life.


I went on walking. Passing a toy store, a thrift shop, a cafe, and so on. What was I to do? I forgot my phone, so I couldn’t call anyone. I forgot my wallet, so I couldn’t pay for a taxi or anything else. I wanted to scream, pull my hair out a scream. But there were too many people around and someone would call the cops or something. They would think I am crazy.


I walked to this small park and sat down on a bench. I rested my head in my hands and let out a long sigh. “Rough day?” I rough male's voice asked me. I look up to see one of our teachers staring down at me.


Mr. Harries was a tall skinny man, with big thick glasses. He wore nice clothes all the time and always had his black hair combed nicely. His eyes are gray, but they are hard to see behind his glasses, which makes this science teacher look like a geek.


“You have no idea.” I tell him. He sat down next to me. “Don’t worry kid, it will get better, trust me.” He said. I smiled a smile that said ‘thank you’. He smiled back at me. Then he frowned. “What are you doing so far away from the school?” He asked. Okay, teachers are safe. You can tell them things, right? I can tell him that someone said something and I needed to get away. But, then he would ask who. Then what would I say? “Just went for a walk, and ended up here, Mr.Harries.” I said with a smile. I added the smile to try and show him I wasn’t lying.


“Okay, then why is your day crap?” He asked. I sighed once again. “I walked to far and I am now lost, and I don’t have my phone or wallet.” I state. He nods, as if he has been in this situation before too. “How about I give you a ride back.” He says. I smile a true smile at him. “Thank you sir, I would appreciate it.” I said. He said a simply come on and we walked to a parked silver car. He unlocked it and we both got in. I strapped my seat belt across my chest and we were off.


Turns out that Mr.Harries and I are almost alike. We went on about our favorite movies, tv shows, music, food, and so on. I was having a blast talking to him. He was like the father I always wanted, but never got.


*Ruddy’s POV*

I was driving around the town, or city is a better word for it. I was going to all the places I thought Louie would be. I sighed when I got back into the car at my last stop and he wasn’t there. I punched the dashboard of my car and screamed. People walking by gave me either worried looks, meaning they left sorry or something, or gave me a look that said I was insane. Which is most likely true. Because, I am a little sane, but also a little insane.


I let out a sigh and took deep breaths. Where could he be? The only place I haven’t checked is his house. But, he wouldn’t go back there. At least not with a father like that. I rested my head on the steering wheel. What am I to do? Just let him go? Just let him be gone? Why is this happening to me?


*Louie’s POV*

We pulled in front of the school. I let out a sigh and said my thanks and goodbyes to Mr.Harries. He smiled at me. I closed the door and turned my back to him, about to walk away, but I stopped when he yelled at me. “Oh and Louie!” He yells. I turned around. “Yeah?” I asked. “It will get better, I promise, so don’t try to run from it again.” He says. I froze. “What?” I asked. He gave me a smile. “You shouldn’t let anybody get to you, you are a bright and sweet kid, they don’t know who they are messing with, you are wanted, you have friends and family, so hang in there kid.” He said, then drove off. I watched as he drove away from the school. Then went on my way.


The things that ran through my mind were this. How did he know? I never told him, so how did he find out? Are people able to read me that easily? Am I an open book?


When I made it to Ruddy’s and I dorm, it was quite, too quite. I frowned, as I slid my key into the keyhole. I turned it and the door was unlocked. I walked in, but the room was dark, except for the sunlight coming in from the window. I looked around, trying to find my phone and wallet, but they weren’t there. Hoping Ruddy had them, I sat down on the bed.


Then something jumped up behind me and growled. And yes, I did jump up and scream then I fell on the floor. I looked up to see the gray fuzz ball of a cat. It looked like he was smiling. Probably was. He most likely got a kick out of me acting like the girl I was. “Why would you do that? It’s not nice.” I say. The cat purred. Great, I am talking to the cat again, yay me. I got up and sat back down on my bed. I sighed once again today, then laid back and closed my eyes.


*Ruddy’s POV*

I parked back in front of the school and got out. I made my way back into the school. Connor, Olivia and Jessica were sitting in the lounge. “Did you find him?” Connor asked. “Nope.” I said. “How about you guys?” I went on. They all sighed a shook their heads no. Great, he is gone. I sighed too, then decided to go upstairs to rest. I got to the dorm, realizing it was unlocked. I walked in. I frowned when I saw Louie petting the cat on his bed.


“Where the hell have you been?” I asked. He looked at me and frowned. “I went for a walk, but then realized I forgot my phone and wallet, so I came back, when I got here, you took both of those things.” He states. Okay, that makes since, but I have a feeling he is lying. Should I call him out on it. “Are you lying to me?” I asked. He sat up and stared my dead in the eyes, then smiled. “Does this look like a face that would lie?” He asks me. I wanted to laugh and say yes, because he has been lying, but I don’t. Instead I just smile softly at him. “True.” I say half halfheartedly. Then I sat down on my bed, then laid down. I closed my eyes.


I was about to doze off, when I felt Louie lay down next to me. I smile softly, hoping he hasn’t seen how worried I was about him. “I need my phone and wallet back you big doofus.” He whispers in my ear. I open one eye to see him laying on his stomach next to me. But, he wasn’t looking at me. “They are in my back pocket.” I tell him. I heard him let out a small sigh. I couldn’t tell if it was for relief or frustration. But I just chuckled. “Why did you take them in the first place?” He asked, still not looking at me.


I didn’t know if I should tell him, or not. It would be the right thing to do, right? Or will he think I am some sissy that can’t do anything without his friend for a day? But that is true. I am a sissy that can’t handle not having him around. Why is that?


“I don’t know.” I say with a shrug. Now he looks at me, he seemed like the normal Louie I have always known. But there was a small sign of pain behind his eyes. Yep, normal Louie. If you see him and he has more pain or less pain showing in his eyes, then something is wrong. “How do you not know?” He asked softly. I shrugged once more. He let out a small chuckle, or giggle, couldn’t tell. Wait, are they the same thing? I don’t know. All I know is that it made me smile.

He got up from my bed and walked back over to his. Is he going to sleep again? He already slept most of the day away. I smiled as he face planted into his bed. A few short minutes later, his steady breathing told me he was asleep.

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