A High School Story

You just have to read. (Not fully edited)


5. Chapter 4

I sat down next to Ruddy. We were both breathing heavily from the run from our dorms to the football field. The cat, still hissing and growling, was still in his arms. I turned to him. “So, who's cat is that anyway?” I asked. “It’s a stray, I felt bad for the poor thing, but it doesn’t really like me.” He said holding up his arm. His right arm, which had been covered this whole time by the cat, was covered in scratches and bite marks. “Yeah I can tell, is this what was in your dresser?” I asked taking the cat from him.


    The cat had long gray fur, and blue evil eyes. I smiled at the fur ball and it looked at me with a pained expression. I would too if Ruddy was holding me.


    “Yeah, he was in my dresser.” Ruddy said. He looked at me again and smiled. “He likes you.” Ruddy went on. I turned to face him, holding the cat to me chest. “I guess I have a way with pussy’s” I said. Ruddy burst into laughter. “You should be a player.” He laughed out. I glared at him. “I’m not good with the girls.” I pointed out. He chuckled and turned away. “True that” He says.


Then we were silent for a while. Me petting the gray, now purring, cat.  “Hey Louie?” Ruddy asked. I faced him again. “Yeah?” I asked him. He looked me right in the eyes, and never have I before noticed how dull they were. “I’m sorry for calling you gay.” He says. I felt a pin in my chest. If only he knew. Damn it, why is this so hard. I faked a smile and a chuckle. “It’s okay man, I’m sorry to.” I said. I looked back down at the cat with a frown. Ruddy let out a long loud sigh. I didn’t look at him. “Hey, is everything alright?” He asked me. I looked back up to find his worried face. I smiled. “Yeah, I’m fine...I’m gonna take the cat back now, then I have to go to the science club meeting.” I say and stand up to leave.


Ruddy said nothing, in fact he let me walk away with the cat. He didn’t even say anything about me lying. I know he can tell when I am lying. And I just did. I lied about being okay, and about a club meeting. I turn to see him. He was laying in the grass looking up at the sky. But, what seemed different, is that his eyes seemed black and there was a frown on his face. Those two things told me he caught my lie.


Luckily when I made it to the dorm, Connor, Olivia, and Jessica were gone. I closed the door and set the cat down on my bed. I looked around. The cloths, paper, everything was picked up. Even the dresser. “Thank you Connor and Olivia.” I say to myself. I knew those two cleaned up, but I knew for a fact the the she devil did nothing. “Meow.” The cat cooed and I looked over at him. “What, you don’t like humans who talk to themselves?” I asked. Great now I am talking to a ball of fur. The cat purred. I glared at it, then laid down and laid my head on my pillow.The cat curled up into a little ball next to me.


I buried my face into his fur. I felt cold, but I didn’t want to move and pull up my covers over me head. Before I knew it, I blacked out.


I heard the door to the dorm open and close. I was too tired to see who it was, but the cat’s hissing told me it was Ruddy. I heard a small chuckle. Then I felt the covers get pulled around me. He kissed the top of my head, like he always does, and I burry my face further into the cat's fur when I felt my face heat up. After that I heard him leave the room, turning the lights off as he does so. I smiled. Ruddy might be a jackass at times, but he is really sweet. Maybe that’s why I like him so much. So, that makes him my jackass.

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