A High School Story

You just have to read. (Not fully edited)


3. Chapter 2

“Wake up sunshine.” Someone poked my face. I slapped a face nearby. “Ouch you are evil in the morning.” ‘Someone’ went on. I moaned. “Just wake up, you are not nice when you are asleep, in fact you abuse your husband.” ‘Someone’ went on. I opened my eyes to see Ruddy’s face right there. I screamed and punch him. “Ouch.” He rubbed his nose. “That’s a story to tell you kids.” He said. “How so?” I mumbled. “When I was in high school, I punched my room mate square in the face one morning.” He mocked in an old man voice. I couldn’t help but to laugh.


I stood up with a big smile. My untamed curly mess was an even bigger mess this morning. “Good luck with the forest of curls.” Ruddy said. I glared at him. He walked back over to his half of the room and sat down on his bed. He pulled out a book. At first I didn’t think about and went into the bathroom to get ready for the day. But then, it hit me and I walked back wards out. “You are reading?” I asked. He looks over at me. “What does it look like?” He asks holding up the book in his hand. I read the title Marley And Me. I frowned. “You know that book is going to make you cry.” I pointed out. He closed the book with a smile. “I know, I watched the movie.” He said.


I was about to say something, but I knew better. So, I made my way back to the bathroom. Or do I? I walk back out. “Then why are you reading the book if you already know that Marley dies?” I asked. He looked ready to cry. “Marley dies?” He asked. I frowned. “I thought you watched the movie?” I asked. He put the book down. “I did, but my mom turned off the tv and said after this Marley just sleeps with the family.” He says. I sighed. “Yeah, Ruddy, he does sleep, in the ground because he is dead. D-E-A-D, dead.” I said. He kissed three fingers and held them up into the air, whistling the Hunger Games. “Rest in peace Marley.” He says. I face palmed myself and sighed again.


This time, I walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I was about to walk out when I heard a loud crashing sound, but thought better. I took a shower, trying to tame my hair, got dressed. Then I brushed my teeth and tried to make my hair flat, I failed. It bounced back into a curl when I removed my hand. I sighed and decided that was good enough. I walked out of the bathroom to find Ruddy sitting on the bed acting ‘natural’. I looked around the room, nothing seemed out of place. I looked back at him.


He was laying on his side, one leg in the air. His arm holding his head up and that one evil smile of his on his face. He looked like he was telling me to ‘paint him like one of those french girls’. I laughed. “What’s funny pumpkin?” he asked. “Oh, nothing, just that you look like a gay dude right now.” I state. He puts out his bottom lip and pouts. “No I do not.” He cries. I laughed some more. “Are you done in the bathroom, because I need to get ready for morning football practice?” He asked. I nodded and step aside for him to go into the bathroom. Then he stopped. “Don’t open the dresser on my side of the room, no matter how much it moves or makes sounds, just don’t” and with that he goes into the bathroom.


I turned to face his dresser, and sure enough, something was moving. I made my way to my side of the room and slipped on my shoes. Keeping my eyes on the dresser the whole time. When I walked by it to leave the dorm room, it growled and hissed at me, making me walk faster. Once I made it outside I let out a sigh. What in the world was in that dresser? Do I even want to know?


“Hey it’s tiny Tim.” A voice I know too well calls. I turn to see Connor Philip walking down the hall waving. I smiled and waved back.


This tall mean looking man is sweet kind Conner Philip. He has sandy blonde hair, that is cut just perfect to show his deep ocean blue eyes. His body in the perfect tan color too. He is wild and plays around with a lot of girls. Him and Ruddy are best buddies and are on the football team together.


Which reminds me. “Why aren’t you at morning practice?” I asked him once he made it over to me. “Same reason that Ruddy isn’t.” He says. I smiled at him. “Woke up late and had to stuff something in your dresser, because it bites.” I said. Connor gave me a concerned look. “Yeah, don’t open Ruddy’s dresser, something growled at me form in there.” I stated. He nodded still giving me a look at said ‘Louie I am worried about you’. I just smiled and walked off. I felt him turn and watch me, still worried, I can tell.


I turn around to see him walk into mine and Ruddy’s dorm room. I looked down at my feet. Three people. Only three fudging people is all I know. Ruddy has been my friend since the start. Then he introduces me to the nutcracker idiot Connor. Then he dates the she devil herself, Jessica. Yep, I am a nerd, and I don’t like talking to people. Making me the one to be bullied and picked on. And leaving me to have no one but two to talk to. But, Ruddy and Connor aren’t smart enough to be in my advanced classes.

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