A High School Story

You just have to read. (Not fully edited)


2. Chapter 1

“Okay, hold up.” I said holding my hand in front of Ruddy’s face. “You did what?” I asked. He smiled his big white tooth smile at me. “I jumped off the top of the bleachers, thinking I could nija my way down, but ended up breaking my leg, Louie.” He said.


Jessica laughed, showing off her teeth with a gap between her two front teeth. Her long wavy red hair was pulled back into a bun, showing off her freckled pale face. Her green eyes full of amusement.


“And I was there and got the whole thing on camera.” She said. I glared at her. I have never liked her. She thinks she is all that perfect because her boyfriend just happens to be Ruddy himself. “Of course you are too dumb to even stop him.” I said. “Hey, hey, hey, you both mean a lot to me, now let’s not fight.” Ruddy went on. Jess pouted. “But I thought I was your only sugar pop.” She said glaring at me. Ruddy kissed her on the top of her head, then turned and kissed me on the check. Jessica sneered, but I was happy, because that got her to leave.


“Hey, Louie, you should come over after school.” Ruddy said as he picked up his crutches. “Also you should help me up.” He adds. I sigh as I help him to his feet. “Come over? We live together.” I pointed out. “That’s the point, you have no choice but to come over.” He said. I was about to say something else. But then Olivia Carter walked by and I dropped him. Yes, I dropped my best friend on the ground. But, you would understand why if you saw Olivia.


Long blonde wavy hair. Bright blue eyes with very little makeup on. She is tall, and skinny, and pale. She wears skinny jeans and band t-shirts all the time. She listens to music when she is alone, but around her friends she is the happy go lucky cheerleader.


“What the fudging hell man.” Ruddy snapped. I looked down to see him on the grass. “You need to eat more greens, so you can be big and strong.” I said with a innocent smile on my face. He smiled back up at me. “Do you like her?” He asked. I glared down at him. “Maybe.” I mumbled. Just then the bell rang, telling us that first hour has started. I took off running, because I couldn't wait to get to Algebra class. “Hey Louie you forgot something!” Ruddy yelled. I turned and ran back to where he was laying on the ground. I helped him up, and instead of running, we slowly walked to class.


And this is where our story starts. Here at a private high school in the middle of a small town. Two dumb friends, and their bystanders. “Someone is going to die!” A stranger yells. “Shut up, I am telling the story and no one is dying.” I yell back. “Not yet.” I mumbled to myself.

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