This is my current situation I sit at when it comes to a particular, someone.
I have discovered feelings in which I never knew I had, some of these feelings though I am not pleased with and some of the things I did associate with these feelings I'm also not happy about. Life, is life, what can you do about it? Live it with no regrets.


3. Meeting Her.

The first time that we were supposed to meet was at the last ever adult expo that was going to be setup here in Australia. I knew it was just going to be something really awkward to attend, especially since I knew that she was also going to be there with her boyfriend. She bugged me over and over again to go and meet them there, but I insisted to her that it would be really awkward: so I didn’t attend.

We enjoyed speaking to each other, one of the biggest interest that we found that we both have is cooking. She used to work for one famous chef here in Australia and I used to work for another. I would tease her meanly at first because she got to meet one of my most favourite chefs ever; Heston Blumenthal, but what I teased her for is that she didn’t know who he was. A month went by where we didn’t stop talking to each other what so ever, then the word friend came into the conversations. For any man that likes a woman, that is just a heartbreak.

We find out that one of our friends were having a house warming party, I offered to cook for him; which was just a few simple salads and a desert. I had always told her that I was a good cook and that she’d love my cooking. Believe it or not, she really did love my cooking. I hoped that may have assisted me to her heart but I believe that it might not have helped what so ever. One thing I did learn that night, though, was that she really enjoyed getting me wasted.

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