Just like me

I didn't know who she was.
I didn't know who she was.

For the Replica Competition. You would probably follow better if you read Lily's two chapters then Anna's two chapters, but it's up to you!


6. Anna

My mother told me news that I never thought I would hear. I'm leaving homeschooling and joining a new school next month. A new school, where I can make friends, do other activities and be more talkative. And even maybe, this school might have a student called Lily...who is just like me. After hearing the news from my mother, I decided that I would add this 'news' to the story I was writing, about my dream.

Date: 14/4/16   By: Anna

I met someone, someone just like me. Unfortunately they aren't homeschooled, but we both share similar interests, personalities and looks. She is someone in the world, somewhere looking for me too. Her name is Lily. But. There is a possibility of seeing her. Meeting her at this new school I am going to in a month. A new school has many responsibilities I must hold. 

I am counting down the days until I go to this new school. And meet Lily. Ok, I am taking this too far. Saying that I will meet 'Lily' at this new school is too too far. Ok ok. But, there is a chance, because I have a feeling in my mind that is saying I will. 

I will.

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