The Friend

A story about a man named Andrea and his long friend that his known since the start of school Bob.


1. The Start of The End.


As he lays there in the bed, the bright computer screen blaring into his expressionless face. He begins to think what life would be like if he was different. Would he be more popular? Possibly find himself someone? What is of life? Questions that will never be answered if he is not to change.

BANG! His glass window begins to rattle with someone hitting it hard on the other side. Who could it be? Worth going to check it out? Why should he even bother? It’s come to that stage of life where he isn’t sure what he wants to do with his life. Continue it? End it?

He slides the curtain open a little to see who it is that was disturbing him. He sees no one, he returns to the bright computer screen picking up the cup that has a chocolate thick shake in it. BANG! BANG! BANG! The front door is beginning to rattle.

He decides to get up to see who it was making all of the racket, only to see that there is no one there. He returns once again to the computer screen. Is it a calling from life? Is it time to change? Why bother?

He continues to slurp up the thick shake he has. Just as he was finishing up his thick shake the doors of the front door slammed opened allowing gushing hurricane force winds into the house. He gets up to have a look. BOOM! A bullet is released from a gun right into his chest.

It is a direct hit, hitting his heart, causing him a lot of pain. He strikes the ground at full force of dead weight. His head smashes against the cold tiled ground. He lifts his head up to have a look at the one who had shot the bullet, but it was too late, they were gone. He passes out on the ground, leaving a pool of blood leading from his chest.

He wakes up, grabbing his chest. It hurts, he scans the area to see where he is. He sees all of these machines that his not use to seeing so he assumes that he is inside a hospital. A nurse that was walking by sees that he has woken up, they go to his aid and make sure that he is comfortable.

Andrea flys out of bed, panting as if he was just shot. It’s still dark and he attempts to scan his surrounding room, the faint glow of an alarm clock flashing 11.59pm in fluoro green. “Ohhh, it was only a dream”. BANG! The window rattles really hard, Andrea begins to get frightened from it. He goes to investigate to see who did the noise and he sees that Bob is outside.

Bob is a friend of his that his known since he first started school, he was small built, almost half the size of Andrea but he had the alcoholic thirst of a panda. “Annnnndreaaaa! I know you’re home” Bob barely slurs out. Andrea gets up and starts to slide to the door, “Bob, do you know what time it is?”.

Andrea opens the door and gets this sharp pain in his chest, he looks down too see that blood is starting to show from his chest. He looks up to see that Bob holding onto a knife that was shoved through Andrea’s chest. “Nothing personal bro” he says as he kicks Andrea down.

Later that day, Andrea’s family comes home to seeing that Andrea bled out on the cold ground of their house floor. No knife sticking out from his chest, just the open wound with blood building up in it.

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