Carry On My Wayward Son

A girl named Jess, who lives with her mother, because her father, Dean Winchester, leaves before she was born. When Jess learns Dean is her father, what will she do? Stay with her mother? Or continue The Winchester's legacy?
This is written right before Kevin dies.


8. Research

When we got back, Sam was still gone, and Kevin was working madly on something. 

    "Eh, Kevin!" Dean yelled, because Kevin didn't notice us come in. 

    "Yeah?" Kevin asked. 

    "Did you find anything?" Dean and I asked at the same time. I shook my head, and looked at the wall. There were newspapers, and sticky note strewn everywhere. That's when the door opened. Sam stumbled in, he was covered in blood. Dean ran up to him, and grabbed his arms to steady him. 

   "What happened," Dean asked, and he took Sam into the bathroom. Kevin went in as well, probably to help them. I had this feeling. This really bad feeling like something was going to happen. I ran over to the bed, and grabbed one of the guns. I raised it just as I heard growling. That's when the bathroom door slammed shut. 

   "Jess!" Dean yelled. They were banging on the door. 

    "Someone's here!" I yelled back. That's when I saw him. A man. 

    "Crowley! Don't you touch her!" Dean was yelling. 

    "Ah, look at that, it's bambi," Crowley smiled. I pointed the barrel at Crowley. "Sick er' boys!" I watched as claw marks were scratched into the floor. I pointed the gun at them. 

    "No! Jess!" Sam yelled. I shot at it. I ended up hitting one, but it didn't do much good. They pounced. 

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