this is a story of the movellas competition the Halloween one.

Alexandra Matthews is your ordinary Halloween loving, trouble maker 16 year old. her best friend is the first friend she ever had. what happens when her best friend dies the same way Alexandra's imaginary friend dies? Alexandra is the only one who was close to her friend so, she is framed. how on earth will she get her self out of this trouble without her best friend?


8. 8

I woke up up and sat up right on my bed. i turned to my bedside table to look at what time it was. oh shoot! my phone shut down, i grumbled quietly out of bed and tried turning on the lamp, it turned on but than flickered off right away. i tried once more, this time the light flickered on and off over and over again until i turned it of. "well i can try to charge my phone- the light is sort of turning on." i mumbled. i plugged in my phone charger and hopped it would charge my phone, in the meantime i hurried to the guest bedroom, where there was a manual clock. 1:47 am. mum walked into the room. "you okay honny?" "yha mum, my phone died so i was looking for the time, go back to sleep now." she nodded and left. i went back to my own room, smoke was coming out of the socket where my phone was charging. unplugging my phone i looked to see if it charged even a bit. "nope!" not even a bit. i climbed back into bed hoping by the time i woke up, the electricity would be back on properly.

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