this is a story of the movellas competition the Halloween one.

Alexandra Matthews is your ordinary Halloween loving, trouble maker 16 year old. her best friend is the first friend she ever had. what happens when her best friend dies the same way Alexandra's imaginary friend dies? Alexandra is the only one who was close to her friend so, she is framed. how on earth will she get her self out of this trouble without her best friend?


5. 5

My mum stayed all night,  Stacy had to go home but she came back when they released me. "Your getting released back into the wild you know... be careful." Stacy joked with me. I rolled my eyes. Stacy's mum called and said she had to go home right that minute so she left. When her mum was mad, ahe was mad. I went right to the gest bedroom, it was on the main floor so i could acsess it easily. "Suprise!!" I heard. I jumped around and found lots of family around the room. My aunt and unce, my other aunt and uncle, mum and dad, gramma and grampa, my other gramma and grampa, my cousins, my niece and nefew, and a few other people. They gave me many gifts and yelled in my face,"happy sweet 16!!!" I smiled. "Thanks." I said to evreyone. We had a loud party the next door people complained. But did we care? NO!  By 5 evreyone was gone. By 9:30 me and mom were in the middle of the forest. When i was five mom prosmised my when i was 16 we would have a walk in the forest and see what it was like. "Help." "Help." We heard cries for help. There was also a candy trail on the gound. " mum im going to help that person!" I told her as i followed the candy trail were the cries of help were coming from. "I'll stay close just incase." Mum told me. I nodded and walked with the candy trail. "Help.... help... help...." i heard the cries continue. They were getting louder and a branch cracked behind me i wipped my head around. "Who's there?!" I asked with confidence i didn't really seem to have. " its me...." the voice came from behid me. "Come help the kid alex...." i wiped around the voice was from all directions. I tried to find one side it wad from, I couldn't. "Who are you?" I yelled loudly. "You know... spark the memories... place a finger on the memory... than will you remember me..." the voice said, more eerie than the last time. "Come here... save the kid.." the voice said. I heard the kid moan of help again. "Help....Help...Help....." the voice was stonger but I couldn't place where. "Where are you?" I asked the kid in a soft voice. "Whats your name?" I questioned. The kid seemed only able to ask for help. "Help...Help...Help..." the voice came from the left. I turned and walked around the eerie voice was back. "Save the kid alex, save the kid...." the voice started to creep me out. "Who are you?!" "You know... you always have...." "Help...Help...Help..." "Mum are you there? Where are you? We should go back now..." i yelled hopeing mum could hear me. "Yes honny? Follow the candy trail back we can go now!" I looked around for the candy trail. I couldn't find it. Oh! I wish i brang my phone, it had a flash light, i could shine it and find the trail. "Mum i don't see the trail..." something grabed for me. I turned trying to see what it was. "You cant see my until you remember me... alex...." the voice said. I stuggled to get out of the thing's grasp. "Let... go... of... me!"I thought of who called me alex. i always went with alexandra. When my didn't call me hunny, but she was in the back of the other side of the forest and she didn't have this eerie voice. stacy sometimes called me alex to get my attention when im not listining to her but she was at home stuck with her parents yelling asking why she ran off to the hospital without there permission. she didn't have this eerie voice ethir, anyways. nobody else called me alex.... unless, unless.... no! it couldn't be! this eerie voice with a little change of what i use to be use to was....

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