this is a story of the movellas competition the Halloween one.

Alexandra Matthews is your ordinary Halloween loving, trouble maker 16 year old. her best friend is the first friend she ever had. what happens when her best friend dies the same way Alexandra's imaginary friend dies? Alexandra is the only one who was close to her friend so, she is framed. how on earth will she get her self out of this trouble without her best friend?


3. 3

like in horror stories i woke up in the hospital. uh!!!!!!!! why me?!i opened my eyes slightly to adjust to the light. Stacy, mum, a few nurses, i think a doctor, and one more person who seemed familiar but wasn't. i tried to get up. i did. slowly i croaked out"hey mum!" mum looked in my way and jumped out of her seat. "oh hunny! are you okay? how are you feeling? what happened? do you know who did this to you?" i was overwhelmed. "Sammantha! i know you want to know what happened, we all do but don't overwhelm her!" one of the nurses told my mom. "well i remember talking will my cousin, i bugged him so he stopped texting me. i face timed him a thousand of times. when he picked up he stated talking but stopped. he told me there was this person dressed in all black with a knife behind me. i just lahughed, i thought it mys have been Stacy pretending. than i felt a sharp pain in my back. i fell onto my bed, on my atempt to get up i fell on the floor where mum and Stacy came, after that i was in the ambulance were i blacked out." i said. Stacy looked at me worried. "so.... are you okay? you got stiches in your back for the gash and pain meds for the pain." she told me. i tried to look at my back, she was right stiches. ''OH! Well um... nothing hurts but you know, it porbably will. soon.'' i replied. "so your feeling fine?" i heard a voice say. i nodded."yup!" "well in that case after a few tests and things you should be relished by tomorrow morning" the nurses said. i looked up at her. "okay thanks." the nurses left, now it was only me, mum, Stacy, and that sleeping man by the door. "so... who is he?" i asked mum pointing at the sleeping person.

"Just a friend"



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