The Super Normal Paranormal Investigators Of The Abnormal | HALLOWEEN COMPETITION ENTRY|

Carrie, Penny, and John have always been fascinated with the paranormal and supernatural, the same way they've always been friends. Once, when they were kids, Penny's father built them a tree house, and now as teenagers, they still use it, but for a much different purpose. They use it as a headquarters for their paranormal investigations.


2. Chapter 2

Penny climbed up the ladder and into the tree house, John was already there.

"Hey," She huffed as she pulled herself through the trapdoor. "Where's Carrie? Wasn't she the one who told us to meet here?"

"I think she's having trouble getting out of the house," John told her, holding out a hand to help her up. "I'm telling ya, her mom's crazy."

Penny took his hand and allowed him to pull her to a stand. "Yeah, but I have to admit I don't think I've ever met someone more dedicated to church fundraisers."

"Why is our church having that bake sale anyway? I thought Halloween was a Pagan holiday, not a christian one?"

"It is," Penny grinned. "You know, I'm kinda tempted to go there in a creepy clown costume. Scare a few church go-ers."

"I'm here!" They heard Carrie's shout from the ladder. Looking through the hatch, they could see she was almost halfway up. "I found something! Something big!"

"What is it?" Penny asked as she helped her friend into the tree house. "John's ego?"

"Hey!" John laughed. "It's true, I'm awesome!"

"No, that's not it!" Carrie practically threw the newspaper into Penny's hands. "Read it! A group of teens was killed last night!"

"And you're happy about that why?" John asked, skimming the front page over Penny's shoulder.

"Didn't you even read it?" She rolled her eyes. "The paper says that there are absolutely no leads, not a single one. They even describe it as almost supernatural. Do you know what this means?"

"That there's a psycho in town that isn't you or your mom?" Penny asked, one eyebrow raised.

Carrie crossed her arms and shook her head in mock disappointment. "No, no that's not what it means."

"Then what?" John asked, sounding tired of the whole situation.

"It means," Carrie brightened up. "That the Super Normal, Paranormal Investigators are back in business!" 

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