The Super Normal Paranormal Investigators Of The Abnormal | HALLOWEEN COMPETITION ENTRY|

Carrie, Penny, and John have always been fascinated with the paranormal and supernatural, the same way they've always been friends. Once, when they were kids, Penny's father built them a tree house, and now as teenagers, they still use it, but for a much different purpose. They use it as a headquarters for their paranormal investigations.


1. Chapter 1

A scream pierced through the cold night air like a knife.

The girl heard it, and began to run once more despite her exhaustion. The woods where cold and dark, making her hands and feet numb and keeping her from seeing more than a few feet in any direction. It was so dark that everything appeared to be various shades of black and grey, everything that is, except for the blood trail the girl left behind.

She ran, numb fingers barely able to hold her injured arm, warmed only by the blood seeping from the wound. Her friends had been with her earlier, but now she was alone. The scream had been one of theirs, but she dared not turn back for fear of what would become of her. Besides, if they were screaming it was almost certainly too late for them. 

She stumbled and fell, too weak to get back up. She looked around, seeing nothing within her limited field of vision. Hearing nothing, she paused to catch her breath. However, a branch snapped not far from her location and she knew she had to get up or she would die.

In quick, shaky, motions she got up and turned to run once again, only to have her frozen foot caught on a thick tree root and tumble face first into the hard, snowy ground. Hearing something behind her, she rolled over, sitting up to face the thing. She screamed in horror.

The forest was silent once more.

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