Trouble: Doubled

Just as Liz thought everything was back to normal, things take a twist and slowly start falling down hill again. Even though Hayes is not allowed to be around her, he still somehow manages to screw with her head and mess with all of her relationships.... Or is Liz letting her past come back to haunt her?


6. First Attack

    I didn't know what to say. It was like a slap in the face. Why? Because Jack was right. We both knew he was right, but it would make this fight worse if I admitted it. I fight back my tears and swallow the huge lump in my throat. It was the first time I admitted it to myself since this whole thing started with Hayes. 'I still love Hayes' I thought to myself, I didn't want to cry so I take a deep breath but that only made it worse. I start crying and look down at the ground.
    He nods his head. “See? You do.” his voice was soft but his tone wasn't, it was cold and jealous.
    I don't look up at him, I can't. I turn my head and see Blond Jack looking at us, confusion on his face, he started walking over to us slowly but I shake my head. “I...” I trail off,  have to look up at him. His brown eyes were glassy and I couldn't tell if he had tears in them or it was the way the sun was hitting them. “I'm sorry.” I choke out.
    He nods again and opens my car door. He doesn't say anything, just breathes in deeply and lets it out quietly and slowly as he looked over at Blond Jack then back at me.
    When I sit down he leans down with me, puts his forehead on top of my head, kissed it then closed the door and walked away. I watch him walk over to Blond Jack from my rearview mirror, he still has a confused look on his face but Jack just shakes his head and the keep walking away. “What did I do?” I say to myself.
    “Oh it seems like you fucked up big time.” Hazel smiled. She was standing with the other girls that were listening to Jack and I, Hayes had his arm wrapped around her.
    I start my car and start rolling up my window but I stop when two of the girls stood behind my car so I couldn't go. I look in front, there was a huge truck parked in front of me so I couldn't go forward either. “Leave me alone.” I say.
    “No, we need to talk.” she scowled.
    “Why would I talk to you, you're spreading lies around the school.” I snap.
    She tried to open the door but luckily when I started my car, it automatically locks itself. “Honey, who said anything about telling everyone? All I did was tell Mr. Umbel what's been going on. I mean, I can tell everyone if you want?”
    “Tell everyone what? Hm? A lie? Go ahead, I don't care.” I lied, I cared so much. “I have plenty of people to back me up.”
    “Like who? Seems like even your boyfriend believes me.” she smiled even bigger when she looked in at the passenger seat window.
    Before I can say anything Nash smashed it with the same green metal bat I used on Hayes car. The glass flew in and a piece hit my cheek and it was all in my hair. I'm so shocked, I can't speak. I give Nash a look and see Cameron is right behind him. They are both giving me a worried look, apologizing with their eyes.
    “There is more where that came from is you don't...” she chuckled. “... leave us alone.” her and Hayes laughed as they all walked away.
    “I'm sorry.” Nash said.
    I shake my head and look at Cameron. “I thought you were a good person.”
    “I am! You have to believe I am, I just-” she took a step closer.
    I cut him off by backing up quickly and driving away. As I was driving home, I kept looking at the broken glass. I just couldn't believe either of them would do something like that, I mean, I get Nash is Hayes older brother and he's just trying to 'be there for him' but Hayes is lying and I doubt he's following rules of any probation he has. And I did think Cameron was a good person up until 10 minutes ago, I thought he would have stopped Nash before he went through with it, he's my sisters boyfriend.
    I pulled into the driveway and just as I got out, Ellie came running outside to me. “What happen? I just got off the phone with Cam.” she grabbed my arm.
    I pull away, grab my bag from the back seat and head inside. “Your boyfriends an ass, that's what happen.” I say, feeling my throat burn as my eyes begin to water again but I blink away the tears.
    “Yeah I already knew that, but... I need your side. Please?” she pleaded, following me in.
    I just shake my head and walk to my room, slamming the door on her face; hoping she'd get the hint but apparently I was wrong.
    “I'm not going anywhere until you talk to me, damn it!” she came in and sat at the edge of my bed.
    “Nash smashed my window and your boyfriend just stood there and watched. Didn't say anything, just let him swing and hit my window. Hayes and his 'new girlfriend' were behind it.”

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