Trouble: Doubled

Just as Liz thought everything was back to normal, things take a twist and slowly start falling down hill again. Even though Hayes is not allowed to be around her, he still somehow manages to screw with her head and mess with all of her relationships.... Or is Liz letting her past come back to haunt her?


1. 8 Months Later

    “You need to hurry or we're gonna be late. If you make us miss the movie again, I'm gonna be so mad!” I call up the steps to Ellie, she was still getting ready. Ellie, Cameron, Jack and I were suppose to go see that new horror movie last night but she took too long and missed the first hour of the movie, so we decided not to go.
    “Not all of us are born with natural beauty, Liz” she called back.
    “I'll get her.” Cameron got up from the couch and went upstairs.
    I sit next to Jack. “Great, so we're not seeing it today either.”
    He snickered and put his arm around me, pulling me closer. “How about you and I just sneak off to it if they aren't down in the next 5 minuets?”
    I smile and check the time on my phone. “Deal”
    He kissed my check.
    Not even a minute later, we heard Ellie giggle and then a door slam shut. “Told you.”
    “Let's go.” he laughed.
    We sat down just as the movie started. “Glad we didn't wait for them.” I whisper.
    He smiled and nodded.
    “Excuse me.” a tall guy says walking in front of Jack then me, trying to get through. He sat at the other end of the row, all by himself.

*    *    *
    “Why did you leave without us?” Ellie sat down on my bed next to me.
    I gave her a look. “Because you and Cameron can't chill for 5 minutes.”
    “I'm sorry.” she shrugged. “But we didn't have sex.”
    “Yeah.” I scoff. “Sure, you didn't.”
    “I... no, we didn't. In fact, we we're talking about stuff, something, someone.”
    I shake my head.
    “Hayes is out.”
    I felt my blood boil. My face got hot, my stomach jump up to my throat and my heart down to my feet. I felt the same anger I felt when I trashed his car, but also a little fear. Why fear? “What do you mean?” I scowl.
    She sighs. “Not sure. But, I think you should talk to Nash tonight or tomorrow to... I don't know... find out more about it.”
    “I don't have his number. I'll just talk to him tomorrow at school.”
    “Do you want me to give you-”
    “Get out, Ellie!” I yelled, interrupting her.
    She nodded slowly and left.
    How did he get out? Why did he get out? I bite the inside of my cheek, thinking about everything he's done. He killed my best friend. Danny's funeral was the worst thing I had to do, I had to speak in front of everyone while crying my eyes out. The satisfaction I had watching Hayes being dragged away in the police car was obstructed by the fact of knowing he's out. A part of me is wishing he got out though, a part of me wants him to see I'm doing great with Jack and him out of my life. I want him to see I'm happy. Because I am, at least, I was.
    I remember the feeling I used to get when I first got used to him being around. I was nervous, happy and freaked. I miss that feeling because it was a good feeling. It made me crazy but at least I wasn't angry or scared in a bad way, but I was happy and scared in a puppy love kind of way.
    One thing I am sure of though, is tomorrow is gonna suck for me.

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