This isn't right

Read to find out


3. Chapter 3

Michael P.O.V

Madison is beautiful and the reason why I broke up with her is because......I don't know how to stay with one girl and I know that sounds crazy but I just don't know how and I'm scared if I mess up with Madison then she would never forgive me and the truth is I don't even like Tori  so why would I say I love her. "MICHAEL!!!" Tori cried I looked at her watching tears fall down her face and I started to feel bad "what's wrong tori" already knowing the answer "because you won't give me any of your attention, the only person your talking to is MADISON and she's  not your girlfriend.....IM YOUR GIRLFRIEND SO WHY ISN'T ALL YOUR ATTENTION ON ME!!!!!" she got up an ran in Madison's face "Madison I swear if you try to steal my boyfriend, me and you are going to have problems" and then shoved past her as her friends ran after her 


Madison P.O.V

I pulled Michael aside from the table "why would you do that?" I said running my finger through my hair "don't worry about it"he said getting ready to walk away but I pulled him back by his arm "just tell me I promise I won't get mad" i looked him in the eye "just come to my party after school, Okay?" He said walking away and I just watched "and don't come looking fancy" he said winking at me

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