This isn't right

Read to find out


1. chapter 1

"Your so lucky!!!" Tori the girl that follows me EVERYWHERE said

"Tori how many times are you going to say that" I said harsh 

My name is Madison I'm 16 years old My height is 5'5  and I have  reddish  hair that comes to my lower back. I guess u could say I'm popular in high school but I was never always popular because I used to get bullied when I was growing up people would call me ugly, creepy,stupid and stinky but I just got so sick and tired of every one always pushing my damn buttons. So once I was in 9th grade and over summer break I changed my whole appearance, my body got more slim and I had more curves and I started wearing makeup and dressed more reveling I also started going to more parties and crap.

"Aye Madison you wanna come over my house this weekend" Michael   said hugging me from behind

"Who's all going to be over there" I removed his hands from my waist

"I'm going to be there" Tori came in hugging on Michael 

Michael and Tori have been dating only a week and she swears that their in love but Michael has dated a lot of girls and he has never stayed, his longest relationship was with me. Yes me and Michael dated but then he broke up with me and I don't know why I have asked him so many times but he always say "just don't worry about it" he always says those same words but me and him are still friends. I guess

"Of course" I huffed 

" a few people are coming over" he said

"yea but who?" I kinda yelled

"Don't worry about it" he smirk then him and tori walked away

I swear he does that shit on purpose because he knows I don't like surprises and me not knowing who else is going to be at his house is going to be a surprise for me. But I walk to lunch

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